The grass in my apartment complex is INFESTED with fleas! I have my dog on frontline, sentinal tabs, and a flea collar and he STILL bring them in from outside. Now they have infected my indoor cat. I bomb the place once a month and give them flea baths at the groomers but nothing stops them because they don’t protect the lawn! Is that even legal??? What am I supposed to do? Any advise would really help. Thanks!


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    I suppose you could complain to the management, but because you already have an animal it will fall on deaf ears. My suggestion is to move, that was the only way we could get rid of them where we lived. We rented an apartment and treated the rugs with Termin-x and let it set for a week and then moved, since then no problems. At this point you need to treat your carpet, spray the underside of your beds (yuck) and make sure you get your closet as well. You can try purchasing a professional grade flea killer from one of the big Home stores, but unless you want to treat the whole complex, it isn’t going to do you any good. Good Luck..and try to find a place that has hard wood or tile floors.

  2. hoppykit

    I don’t see where they are responsible. Any stray dog, cat, rabbit, bird, mice….. anything can wander in there and leave fleas. It’s just a natural fact of the outdoors. Even though your cat is an indoor cat it should still be treated for fleas. You can bring them in yourself on your shoes or clothes.

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