I read on a website to kill fleas on ticks add garlic or garlic powder to your dog’s food. I wanna make sure that it is okay before I actually try that. My dog is only 9 months old and I do not want to harm him. But we have a lot of fleas and now ticks in my apartment complex and I just want to prevent these from getting worse.


  1. owltyedu

    there are two different schools of thought on this subject. there are people that are going to tell you that garlic is poison and is as potentially dangerous as onion for a dog. Then there are people that are going to tell you that garlic is harmless and nutritious as long as it is used as an additive to a healthy diet and not as a staple.
    I am one of the latter group. I have been making dog biscuits for years and have always added garlic to my batters with no ill effects reported from hundreds of people whos dogs have eaten them.
    But my advise is simple. Just give your vet a call and ask that he call you back when he is done with patients today. When he does ask him/her. They wont mind… I promise. Go with what he tells you as he is your dogs Dr. It would be nice though if after you do you update your question and let us all know what advice he gave you on this subject.
    Look forward to your update:
    I am in agreement with some of the others BTW as far as flea prevention. I was just commenting on the safety of garlic in general. As far as fleas treatment goes… your Vet can give you a Capstar to kill all of the fleas currently on your dog and then Frontline is a fabulous product at helping in the control of the Fleas. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THE PETSTORE BRANDS OF SPOT ON FLEA CONTROL ON YOU DOG AS IT CAN DO SERIOUS DAMAGE!
    This can also be confirmed with your vet.

  2. kimboann…

    Garlic does not kill kill fleas and ticks, it repels them. It does work, but you need just the right amount and the proper kind of garlic.
    Here is what I have used with great success:http://www.springtimeinc.com/product/35/…
    If you don’t want to do something like that, get garlic capsules at the health food store (NOT the deodorized kind) and give a few to your dog each day.
    Garlic powder that you cook with is not the best kind to use.


    My dog gets garlic everyday!
    I tried it all summer but it didnt work:( she had 5 ticks at one time but hey she never got fleas:)

  4. Karens BCS

    Garlic isn’t supposed to be fed to dogs. Flea collars rarely work, a non-toxic, or natural flea shampoo would do fine. You should wash your dog outside at a friend or relative’s house if you can’t at your apartment.

  5. Mitchell M

    Garlic is not going to get rid of fleas on your dog, believe me. Garlic is also toxic to dogs in certain amounts so personally, I would stay away altogether.
    Fleas cannot be killed by home remedies, they are just a little tougher than that! Do not use any flea treatments from a pet store. These also don’t work – stores are not licensed to sell the appropriate drugs, and many of the chemicals used in store-bought treatments are dangerous.
    Get some proper flea treatment from your vets. Frontline, Advantage, Revolution and Advocate can all be used from 8 weeks of age – they are very effective, and they are safe. Unlike pet store treatments. Email me if you want more info/convincing!!

  6. Chalice

    Well my dogs love garlic in their meat & it has proven totally harmless to them but I don’t think it prevents them from getting fleas. I use frontline to address fleas. Try frontline or similar proven flea controller.
    Good luck

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