I know that people can get bitten by fleas but I am wondering if people can catch them. My cat has fleas and I have been bitten by them. But my friend said I probably have fleas on me now, like lice, but i didnt think you could catch them.


  1. Kaetti

    As far as I’m aware, fleas will bite anything for a meal, but I thought there were more species specific types. Some people can be allergic to fleas, like a friend of mine who actually breaks out into a rash and has to take antihistamines if she gets a bite. I would think most humans bathe too much to sustain a flea population, but if they are in the environment, you can definitely keep getting bit and carry any out to share with the rest of the world.
    Make sure you properly treat the environment. You should sweep all corners, vacuum all carpets, wash everything you can in regular detergent, and do this at least twice a week. I know from a vet hospital that I worked at once that this will kill over 50% of the fleas. If you wish to use a flea bomb or other treatment, be sure to read the label and chose the appropriate time to do that. Basically you are releasing toxins into your home, so chose the right bomb for your lifestyle and make sure you have all food articles put in airtight containers and safely away. The instructions on the bomb will tell you everything you need to know about that, if you decide to do it.
    You also need to treat the cat. How old is your cat? This is important to know, because it affects what you can use for treatment options. If your cat is a kitten (under 6 months), I would strong advise against most flea shampoos and flea treatments available at your local pet store. While working at the vet, I had to help treat a kitten (5 months old) who was seizuring because of a flea treatment that wasn’t appropriate for her. The vet said that age didn’t matter, she had treated a cat for a similar problem who was fully grown. I’d just be careful about pet store treatments. There are several products available from veterinarians (and some pet stores) that are pretty good and safe. You can even order them online. I know of Advantage and Frontline, but I can’t remember any more. Again, follow the instructions on the label. If you want to bathe your cat (and you’re braver than I am), I would suggest using just a mild shampoo, not flea or anything, because it will help without possibly overloading your cat with toxins. Also, if you’re planning to use a topical, you shouldn’t use a flea shampoo, as it is likely the products will interact and may either do nothing at all or else harm your pet. If you are using a topical, make sure you use it for the next several months, as flea eggs and larva can survive for quite a while in the environment.

  2. HalosNHorns 1979

    Well…i just figured out that my house is infested with fleas…and yes they are crawling around on my scalp and my kids’ scalps…it feels like lice!! UGHH!! I was wondering if you could use fleas shampoo on humans hair too…I just googled it and saw your question…lol!!

  3. northern

    They can’t live on us, but they can and will live in clothing etc. They just jump on us when they want to feed.
    EDIT: Someone said when they jump off your animal they won’t live long, this is wrong. They can live in carpets and upholstery for months if not years.

  4. English Angel

    they may bite you, but will not be able to live off you like they do on animas.
    try washing your bedclothes and cleaning other places where your cat sleeps.
    also try asking your vet for a good flea treatment for your cat, and possibly find flea bombs for your house

  5. Amie :)

    Of course not. Fleas can only live in animal fur.
    Dont worry, when they jump off the animal it isn’t long before they die. I recommend getting something for your cat for his/her fleas because it will be irritating, like lice are to humans.

  6. conure_c

    Well you don’t really catch them but they can be in your clothes and what not. When your naimal has fleas, change all sheets and pillows for a wash and buy a spray to spray on carpet and curtains to kill the fleas. Then bathe your cat in a flea killing wash and dry them well and keep them in a room to dry while you wait for the spray to kill the ones in the carpet. You have to make sure you clean everything so they don’t come back. But technically I don’t think we have enough “fur” on us for them to live on us but they can be in our clothes and things with us that way. Take a good shwoer and get to work killing the fleas in your house adn on your cat.

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