2 days ago i had a friend over, and ever since then i been itching like crazy and i believe it may be fleas, he told me he was around dogs that day before he came over, i have no pets my self though.


  1. Hummer H1 Parts

    Hi Sarah. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but fleas can absolutely transfer from a person’s clothing, hair, body, into your house and infest it in no time at all. Those darn critters multiply like crazy and your best bet is to have your house bombed. You must be out of the house, same with anyone else living in your home. From pets, to kids or family and friends. Don’t mess around, cause the longer you wait the worse it will get. Like I said, they spread like wildfire. On another matter, you say you are under a lot of stress and that the constant itching couldn’t possibly be related to the stress. Oh Hon, you couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the major side affects from stress is itching of the body. You can scratch your skin bloody and it’ll seem like it still doesn’t help at all. Try using some anti-histamine (best for me is Benadryl) but everybody reacts differently. I suffer from two severe medical problems and am on a battery of meds. for them. Most days I am bedridden, because the severity of my pain (and I have a very high tolerance) is excrutiating and, to put it mildly, feels like I am suffering from a bad case of the flu. The reason why I mention that is that sometimes, certain meds. can make you itch rather badly too. So, it might not be from fleas at all. In any case, to be on the safe side, “bomb” your house immediately. While it can be rather expensive to have a pro do this, you can actually do this yourself. You can buy the “bombing” stuff in any pet supply store, or even find it in your grocery store. Make sure, you treat every room on every floor of your house. A I mentioned, fleas multiply at a rate of speed lightening. Adult fleas lay eggs everywhere, especially in human or pet hair, stuffed animals, carpeting and curtains, couches, chairs, etc. I wish you the best of luck and if I were you, I’d also get checked by a physician. If you have any more questions, I’d be more than happy to help. I am on this site to help whenever I can. Collecting of points is not my intention; lending a helping hand or ear, is very much so. Take care and I hope you get this under control asap. In any case, pls. do get checked by a doctor though, just in case. Sincerely, MsB.

  2. Lisa T (Stop BSL)

    Yes fleas can be carried over! But you know what, itching is a part of stress! People that have stress issues can also have other problems, itching being a part of it!

  3. mommabea


  4. Dolly

    Yes, Yes, Yes. It don’t matter if you have pets or not. Clean Clean Cleann, Vacuum, and shampoo the carpp the carpoets and wash the throw rugs. Oh yes, and spray the yard with bug stugff, and don’t bring it into the house with you.Strip and throw the clothes into the washer and weash them twice after the yard business. If you have bitten by a flea, you will; know it, the darned things hurt bad, it is like a needle punched your skin and hard!!!!!! The hurt itches and scars too.

  5. kathleen c

    Yes ,You can, and they multiply quickly. So you may want to flee bomb your home . Make shore when you do this you can not be in the house and wash every thing back down when you come back in the house! Expertly if you have children because it’s poison ‘s to everyone and it will get you sick It’s the only way I now how to get Redd of flea’s good luck

  6. Chrissy-

    There should be mark. small red ones once you itch. if you believe so, cant hurt to use a flea bomb.

  7. bandyt

    yes it can happen
    have people say that they had no pets but their house had to be sprayed becasue of the nasty pests.
    we got fleas from the neighbors cats and they are both indoor only cats and we live in a duplex.

  8. Sam h

    yes …….they will hide in your hair or your clothes….especially sweaters……easy to attach themselves to.
    Wash, wash, wash and clean alot
    good luck

  9. Helen B

    YES, your friend may have brought the fleas with him. He could have gotten them from the dog he was with, then they jumped off at your house. Your local Pet store should have a Spray that you can use…just go in and tell them your problem…they will tell you exactly what you need. Be sure to tell them if you have other pets and/or children. Some chemicals should not be used in their presents.

  10. ddstantl

    Yes it is possible though the time frame you have given doesn’t suggest a flea problem.It is possible to transfer a couple of fleas from clothing to another persons house or animals.Flea bites do itch though the bite itself causes pain,if you haven’t seen a flea on you then I highly doubt it is a flea causing your itching.Perhaps you are allergic to dog dander It is more probable to transfer that depending on how much contact your friend had with the dog or dogs.Being the time of year it is there are several different skin issues you could have.Your doctor would be better at figuring that out.

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