I went to a friends house and got eaten alive by fleas. I left around 5 minutes of entering and this morning found a flea munching on my ankle. Is it possible that fleas from her house, got brought into mine by me?


  1. shonie

    Yeah its possible, They can cling on to your clothes and travel on you. The horrible little hitchhikers

  2. ♥Alex♥

    Yes it is very possible. And it can be horrible if you have pets at your home.
    Fleas are pretty smart. They will hitch a ride on a person for hours and then drop down when they know the spot is right. And what is that spot, the one with the mos blood, including pets.
    Your friend needs to clean up her house and get some flea treatment. If they bite her/him to many times it can cause an illness.
    also if you have pets like a cat or dog get them each a flea collar from your vet or flea treatment,prevention for the time being. So they don’t get them.
    Good luck.

  3. BIG-G

    yes it is. it happened in my house and i needed an exterminator. they reproduce like crazy. i also took in the
    my neighbors neglected dog and was hit yet again.
    that time it was the vet and an exterminator.
    not sure if i trust those flea bombs, so i had it done

  4. Goat Ropers

    Absolutely. If you have pets, you need to have them washed with flea shampoo. You should also treat your home, as fleas can be difficult to get rid of at times.
    Unless, of course, you like waking up with those little red welts.

  5. Kelly V

    absolutely, fleas are parasites and need blood to live on. If you had one attached to you , then it may have came to your house laid some eggs and now you have fleas ….kind of like Lice….

  6. martinmm

    Top contributor ? guess the evidence is not enough.wait till they learn to climb.you’ll wish your ankel was the only thing they can reach.

  7. Bob N

    Most definitely.
    As to dealing with them:
    Read this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_flea it says that cat fleas can live on other animals, and they include humans in the list.
    First get Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution from the vet to treat the cats. These products are intended to be used once a month to keep fleas off the cat.
    Then, if you need to treat the house – which is often the case – use a product which not only kills adult fleas but also prevents eggs from hatching.
    When we have bad flea years (haven’t had one in along time – knock on wood 🙂 we use Raid products for the house.
    They make a fogger called Raid ® : Flea Killer Plus Foggerhttp://www.killsbugsdead.com/fop_fkpf.as…
    They also make an area spray called Raid ® : Flea Killer Plus Carpet & Room Sprayhttp://www.killsbugsdead.com/fop_fk_pc_r…
    We have had very good results with those products.
    Remember, you want a product that not only kills adult fleas but also prevents eggs from hatching. If you use something that does not prevent the eggs from hatching, when they hatch you are back where you started.
    There is a product, Capstar which is a pill you give the cat. It kills all of the fleas on the cat within about 5 hours.http://www.capstar.novartis.us/
    It does not provide long lasting protection – it merely kills all the fleas on the cat.
    You can use it to kill all the fleas on the cat and then treat the cat with Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution, and then treat the cat.
    Ask your vet about Capstar and using it in combination with other products.
    Capstar is available only by prescription.
    We have used it to kill all the fleas on feral cats who we could not handle to apply something else. We transfer them to another cage or carrier, move them out of the room, fog the room, give them the Capstar in food, and then put them back in the main cage.
    Capstar is like magic – it really will kill all of the fleas on a cat very quickly and it is safe enough that you could use it every day, if need be – though that would be an expensive way to control fleas, day to day.
    Indoor cats can get fleas that people carry in on their clothes. If you think that might be happening, get an insecticide you can spray on the yard to kill fleas.
    You will probably need to get a sprayer. The ones that attach to the end of a hose might be the type you could use.
    Ask the people at a garden store, Lowes, or Home Depot, or similar store for help picking an insecticide and a sprayer.

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