Is it possible to make your own dog training spray that doesn’t include chemicals?


  1. outhval

    Lemons might work but Bitter Apple spray from Vets and some pet stores definitely does and doesn’t include chemicals, but is expensive at £10 a bottle. Trained my dog off the furniture and to stop bad behaviour indoors and now only have to pick up the bottle to get a reaction. It doesn’t matter if it gets on the dog (in fact can be used for excessive fur biting that some dogs do) but avoid eyes (obviously).
    Hope this info helps. Incidentally, my dog likes the smell of lemons.

  2. Older&Wi

    Lemons wouldn’t harm the dog unless in the eyes, but wouldn’t necessarily deter him.

  3. crl_cpr

    Try Vinegar . I read somewhere that if you spray items with deoderant it stops them chewing , but its a chemical so it does not count.

  4. Faris A

    yes its possible mix vineagr with some dry pepper and it will work ….
    but i dont reccomend using training sprays at all because if you forgot to spray an item, go to a new place, purchasing a new item or even if the smell of the spray differs the dog will do it again.
    try to teach your dog a NO command this will save your money and time regardless the smell of the spray at your home…
    hope i GOT you Wright

  5. Basil M

    The only spray I recommend is a plain water spray in a bottle that has a stream setting. Spray the dog when it is doing something you do not want it to do, but follow it up with a stern “no”. The best thing to do is to physically remove the animal from the situation. At no time should you use pepper or lemon or vinegar. Not only could you harm your dog, but you are setting yourself up for a bug infestation. Plain water only!

  6. Crazy Dog Videos

    repel him from furniture?? do you mean he is eating your furniture? or he pees on your furniture?? or he sleeps on your furniture?
    for all of the above,,,,, simple training (not spraying) will work..
    spraying is ridiculous

  7. adam b

    yes, use hot peppers. either liquefy them in a water mixture in the blender, or boil them like a tea. it’ll be spicy, but not chemicly harmful. I’ve heard that apple bitters can be picked up at pet stores, and is a chemical free colorless solution to your problem.

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