She is a 3 and a half year old Beagle. She is a very stubborn dog which never goes to sleep, barks all night and she has to be chained to a pole when she comes inside as she runs around the house and steals items, like socks or plastic. I mainly want to house break her but people have said that shes too old to even bother that with now.


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    No she not too old, All dogs can be trainned However Beagles incrediable difficult to housebreak. Do you bother to walk her? RSPCA recommend 4km daily walks for this breed. This will reduce the tendancy to steal sock or plastics.
    Because beagles are scent hounds, they can be roamers, an escape-proof fenced yard is a must have with a beagle. Fences should be high enough (4 feet or higher) to prevent climbing and secured at the base to prevent digging out. Gates should have good latches and be child-proof, preferably locked. However, not all beagles are climbers or diggers. This usually happens if they are just left outside without any kind of attention from the family or other dogs. Beagles need companionship and daily exercise. Prone to barking and howling when bored and with there active nature, Beagles do not make good apartment dogs
    Number One about Beagles: They have major, serious attitude. Stubborn with a capital S. And T. And U, and…. you get the idea. A Beagle is the only animal that I know of that knows the word “Why
    Point Number Two about Beagles: Yes, they are hard to housetrain
    Truth Number Three about Beagles: Unlike other dogs, a Beagle’s motivation in life is not you. A Beagle does not live to obey your every command. A Beagle’s life is about him, his stomach, his nose, his butt, his comfort when he sleeps. Him. Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES you. Adores you. Has to sit right up against you on the couch. Follows you from room to room. Howls when you’re gone, wags his tail so ferociously when you come home it could knock you over. Plays with your kids and wouldn’t hurt them for the world. An awesome companion.
    But his aim in life is not to please and obey you, like many dogs. He will not fetch unless he wants to. He will not come when called unless he feels like it. And if something out there smells interesting, or those dogs over there look like they’re having fun, that definitely rules out “feeling like it”. And know this: if those dogs over there are on the other side of a four lane highway, it doesn’t matter – he’ll haul *** across it to get to them whether there are cars coming or not. As a result, beagles are *not* off leash dogs. Ever.

  2. bdc32

    Your dog can be trained fine. The running around stuff and chewing is an attention getter. Have to make sure you ignore those issues and reward with praise when the right behavior is seen. You will have to be more stubborn than the dog to accomplish this. Beagles are very smart and will pick up on your lack of determination. Since they are hunting dogs theirs is undying. Just remember when you start to train that you must be consistant and patient but you will se a difference. You are the boss. Not the dog. Good luck

  3. Angel Barbie

    never too late, the old myth of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is totally inaccurate and so not true. find a good trainer to help you and just persevere.

  4. tonytheb

    i don’t think it’s ever too late is all the owner a have a four year old pitbull that learns new things everyday and a three year old one that’s smarter than my four year old! I would advise it!

  5. Hm

    No its never too late to start. You might find it quite challinging thou, as the dog is older but with some time and effort shell catch on.

  6. Taylor Swift!!!!!!!

    No, I don’t think she’s too late. My toy poodle is 2 and I will soon be enrolling him in classes. She should be fine. All dogs have room to learn old or not.

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