I’ve decided to kennel train my dog due to “accidents”. Whenever I come home from work or the store and let her out she immediately darts all over the apt and cries for attention. Is this normal behavior? I feel that this might be giving her anxiety. Any suggestions?


  1. Angie

    i started doing that to my dog in Dec. 2008
    before that she was in the house all day free
    they are a little babyish at first but she will get used to it
    🙂 my dog runs around to when shes let out its just excitement 🙂
    good luck

  2. mother_e

    Hi! Well I need a little more info like the age? Normally as soon as taken out of the crate they need to go bathroom that’s what the crate is intended for. It’s for them to hold it until you get home [[ 8 hrs or less ]]. If its a puppy keeping her in the crate is a safe way… Look at it this way if you have a baby you don’t leave it on the floor you put it in a playpen, crib, and so on. The barking maybe is that shes excited to see you. Cause my mini schnauzer does this as soon as I come home from the store or something of course my dog isn’t in a crate anymore cause hes potty trained. The crate is suppose to be something positive for them not a punishment to be in there. Just like someone stated they are suppose to feel comfy in the crate to a point if you give them a bone they will chew it on there if they want to nap they will name in there because it is their den Their own personal space. Good luck! Try Giving her a Kong before you leave. Anxiety you can tell cause as soon as you step out they will cry loud or your neighbor will tell you.

  3. Mimi P

    She may have seperation anxiety, but when i let my puppy out she jumps all over me and gives me kisses and runs around. I think it is probably alot of excitement. One thing you should do as a tip for kennel training is to make the kennel available for the dog to sleep in or relax in, and feed it in there. my puppy used to hate the kennel, but now she will sometimes sleep in it!

  4. Rachel [K&T]

    Yeah, it probably freaks her out a little bit, but she’ll get used to it.
    Do what the first answerer said, feed her in it and leave it available for her all the time. If you see her go in on her own, give her a treat. She’ll learn that the kennel is a good thing.
    It’s normal behavior, don’t worry. Just give her some time to adjust.

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