Is killing fleas on cats easy? How can i get rid of fleas and ticks on cats?
My cat is FULL of fleas so pleas HELP me kill cat fleas on my cat!!


  1. Robin

    Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Bath her and rinse her well. The best way to bath a cat is put her in a large laundry tub hold her front paws with one hand and with the other hand soap her up. put her under the water take her out soap rub all over really well and put her back under the water to rinse. cover her ears and eyes to get her face. Then get some frontline for cats. And treat your house for fleas ticks have to be removed with tweezers and vegetable oil. Just make sure you get the head.

  2. rckfrom1

    You can give it a flea bath, and use Advantage on it. That is the drops you place on the back of their neck for 4 weeks.
    The best thing you can do is take it to the vet. Let them know the cat has fleas before you bring it in. They can give your cat a pill that can kill the fleas on it.

  3. Heavy Metal Fonts

    Try to stay away from over the counter flea control products as most of them actualy contain chemical insecticides that can lead to liver damage to both you and your pet. Instead, I prefer to use a more natural flea control products called Targert Spray for Fleas. It is a herbal insect repellent that deters cat fleas from making their home on your cat.
    Here’s the link:…

  4. eedwards

    best thing ever invented is frontline. when I got my second cat she was majorly infested with fleas and it spread to my other cat. one dose of frontline and using some spray I purchased at the vets office and the fleas went bye-bye

  5. savanna

    first a bath with flea shampoo, and there is this medicine… I think its called “spot on” for cats. You put a drop on their neck and the fleas die, and any fleas that jump on them die for about a month.

  6. Ysarah P

    what i did for my cat was just bathe her and then i vacuumed where she slept everyday until i couldn’t find anymore fleas on her or you could just buy flea and tick shampoo for your cat

  7. Kim

    I would take them or it to the vet, and get FrontLine… The cheap stuff you get at walmart or other places often don’t work as well….

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