He recently got me a doberman puppy. He told me to never slap it, do not use crate as a way to punish it, to not use any type of pincher or choke collar, never be aggressive with the dog, etc…
He told me to not treat train them because it’ll make them possesive and aggressive over time. He also told me typical dog training course are really bad for dog because most doesn’t even know how to train dog properly.
He told me it’s better to pet the dog and praise it every time it behave. He told me if it doesn’t behave or didn’t listen to use firm voice. He told me if I doesn’t yell at it and always talk to it in soft voice, the dog will learn to respond to your voice.
Is he correct? He have four dogs and all of them are very well behave. But I’ve always hear from other people you have to be very firm with your dog and I often see them slap, use choking or pincher collar, put them in crate to punish them, etc…


  1. The Queen

    ok I have a doberman and you should not to slap or hit your dog, any dog for that matter, but with dobermans since they are a dominant breed and are natural leaders, it will make them aggressive if you hit them. I crate train mine but you should never use the crate as punishment because the whole purpose of a crate is to create a den for the dog, a comfortable place for it where it sees it as its den, they will resent it if you put them in it for punishment and crate training then for the purposes of potty training or keeping your dog from getting into anything while you’re not at home goes out the window. I don’t see a problem with people using choke chains or pinch collars as long as the person training with them knows how to use them, people who are going to abuse a dog with them have no business putting one on their dog. Anyways so i agree mostly with what your b/f is saying. You can’t be afraid of his doberman or timid when correcting it because they can be bossy and try to be the dominant one in the household.
    good luck.

  2. ♥Mrs.Jacob Black♥

    dont ever hit a dog or use any thing that might hurt them or make them uncomfortable . i have two dogs that i take to dog shows and they are little angels. i just praise them and give them a toy to play with when they do something right. i also give them treats. that wont make them possessive it just teaches them that if they do something right they might get a reward. and they wont get mad or any thing if they dont get a treat . just remember that you always have to praise than. he is right on most of the things that he told you.

  3. Mario

    Pinch collars are wonderful training tools if your dog becomes a leash puller. Especially with a dominant,strong breed like the doberman. That may be the only way you’ll get him to take a walk. But otherwise I’d say your boyfriend is probably right.

  4. sophylak

    he is correct in everything EXCEPT the following:
    food rewards are a positive method for rewarding desired behavior ( for instance when teaching your dog a reliable “come” command)
    training courses are good for SOCIALIZATION of your dog with other dogs present,, it teaches your dog to listen to you with distractions.. ( he doesn’t necessarily have to agree with the instructors, just use the time and space to your own advantage =socialization)
    food reinforcement training DOES not make the dog aggressive…

  5. Vanilla

    Does your boyfriend know about dobermans? Has he owned dobermans? Done research? If so, I would follow his advice.
    As for not slapping the dog, I agree, dont do it…. And I dont like choke collars either. There´s no reason to be rough with the puppy.
    Dobermans from what I know are very regimented dogs. They need a very set routine. Dinner at the same time every night, walk at the same time… etc. With good training and keeping in mind the personality of the dog, I´m sure he will grow to be very well behaved.

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    Your bf is absolutely right! It really sounds like he knows a lot about dog training. All those who tell you to use choke collars and slapping are very wrong, these cause the opposite results than what you want, plus aggression. Listen to your bf and ask him to show you how to train your puppy. Ask him to show you how to become the alpha leader in your relationship with the dog, without being agressive to it (eg. you have to go out through doors always in front of your dog, etc.).

  7. wierdrab

    What you are describing is known as “positive” dog training. All people will tell you different things about what is the best way. It is just opinion. They are just different “training” methods. Only you can make the choice what you think is best.

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    You should have obedience training… It is very helpful and a stern voice, and the clapping of hands is a way of getting them to stop something they shouldn’t be doing. I do agree crate training shouldn’t be used for punishment, but I have a friend who uses it sucessfully “Go to your room” the dog goes to her crate lays down and is not locked in but knows to stay there until called, she usually doesn’t stay there for more than 5 minutes. Crate training is wonderful for trying to potty train. And with a large breed you might want to use a harness instead of a choke collar due to the fact that you have more control over the animal and can keep them from being unruly without harming them. Good luck!


    He is right
    you dont wand an aggressive dog
    Doberman they are aggressive by nature
    so if you dont train them they are not going to be less aggressive.

  10. Patio

    You’re bf is 100% right, always treat a dog with kindness or you end up with a bad tempered dog. Anyone you see hitting a dog, should be reported for animal cruelty!!!!

  11. al l

    He is partially right. Never hit your dog. This can only result in a fight or traumatic dog. Voice commands are a very important part of training. There are three voices; praised-used to tell the dog he did a good job, command- a firm voice used when telling a dog what to do, and correction- a loud voice of authority that tells the dog they did something wrong. I wouldn’t recommend training the dog with treats because it encourages such behaviours as hand nipping and excessive salivation during hand guestures. Using a toy is the best means of training. When the dog accomplishes a task you can praise him with a toy and voice. Eventually you will get to the stage where you only use voice and use the toy sparingly. Don’t use shock or pinch collars. This only builds up their titration level so they can tolorate more pain however a simple choke chain works well, especially when teaching him things that could save his life such as not to eat certain things or areas not to go in. Basic obedience courses can be good however you want to find someone who has some experience. A lot of people that are new haven’t been able to get a whole lot of hands on experience and some open training sessions without a limit. This creates bigger classes, bigger distractions, and less one-on-one time with you and the trainer. Do not use a crate as punishment. The crate should only be used for transports and crate training. You never punish your dog you correct them. The correction should come directly from you. Remember to always remain calm and confident around your dog. Hysteria or frustration can cause the dog to become hysterical.

  12. Jared D

    Your BF is 100% right with this.
    The people that get angry and physical with their dogs do it out of frustration and lack of a better education.
    positive reinforcement is a great way to train a dog.
    Using the crate as a punishment is the WORST thing people can do. You’ll teach your dog to hate and dread being put into the crate, instead of loving it and thinking of it as a safe place, which is what you want.
    I’d follow what he has told you, and get him to help you train the dog. He sounds like he’s got a good system in place.

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