As an owner of four adorable cats I get a great deal of pleasure from their company. My relationship with my cats is important to me and I would hope that they feel the same way. I always have their best interests at heart and I believe that I give the right nutrition, healthcare and lifestyle for them to ensure a healthy mind and body.

My cats have really glossy coats and they re active and happy   feeding Iams has and always will be an important part of their overall care. My work as a cat behaviour counsellor has helped me to look after my cats  psychological wellbeing and I m happy to leave their nutritional needs to Iams.

I believe that the best friendships occur between owners and cats when the owners have an understanding and respect for their pets as a unique and very different species. When we truly appreciate the nature of the cat and treat it accordingly we are well on the way to ensuring we have a happy cat.

So if you feed Iams you know you are looking after your cat s body   but what about the mind  Is your cat happy

Happy or Unhappy
Cats do not wear their hearts on their sleeves and they are very good at hiding their true feelings. They cannot tell us they are unhappy or distressed so it is up to us, as owners, to do the detective work. Here are a few examples of what you should be looking for.

A happy cat:

* has a shiny coat denoting good health and regular grooming
* has an interest in his or her surroundings
* is active and lively
* is responsive when approached
* has a good appetite but doesn t overeat.

An unhappy cat:

* has a dull coat denoting lack of grooming
* is inactive
* has changed his or her normal patterns of behaviour
* has lost his appetite or suddenly started to overeat
* sleeps more than usual.

A very unhappy cat:

* will vocalise more than normal
* will pace and be very restless
* is jumpy and nervous
* will start to spray urine or soil indoors
* becomes very dependent or withdrawn.

In a lot of cases the symptoms displayed by unhappy and very unhappy cats can be put down to incorrect feeding. This is where I have found that Iams can help. Did you know that in just three weeks by feeding Iams with DentalCare exclusively you could dramatically change the health and vitality of your cat  In fact over 100,000 of owners have reported dramatic differences in the overall health and appearance of their cats as a result of trying Iams.

In just three weeks you should see great improvements in areas such as:

* Softer, shinier coat
* Smaller, firmer stools
* Fresher breath, cleaner teeth and healthier gums   because with the daily dental care built in there s less tartar build-up
* And also greater energy and alertness in senior cats.

In fact, Iams is so confident you ll see a positive difference in your pet after feeding Iams for just three weeks that they ll refund your money if you don t.* So if your cat is experiencing any  unhappy  or  very unhappy  cat traits try changing their food and you may see some welcome changes in overall health and happiness.

Cat Happiness   Indoors v Outdoors
Cats are incredibly adaptable creatures   but we always expect them to fit in to our own domestic circumstances, even when that means we need to keep cats exclusively indoors. Cats are at their most content when they are able to behave naturally therefore if we prevent them from doing so, for any reason, we need to ensure that they are not distressed as a result.

Often these problems can be resolved by providing opportunities indoors to perform natural behaviour, albeit in an artificial setting. This is referred to as environmental enrichment and includes the use of certain toys that simulate prey, high resting places, objects to climb and novel items to explore. I also encourage owners to provide a good quality food such as Iams in various locations in the home to allow their cat to  forage  to make the acquisition of food more exciting. This entertainment allows these bored cats to exercise and stimulate their brains and many of their problems are resolved.

The Key to Your Cat s Happiness

High resting places indoors are important to enable your cat to get away from potential danger and view its surroundings from a safe place.

Affection and attention are always appreciated when your cat is in the mood. Receiving unwanted attention can be distressing for some cats.

Private areas for rest and sleep are essential, for example under the bed or in the bottom of the wardrobe. It is never advisable to disturb a cat when it has chosen to hide away in a secret place.

Play is an enjoyable distraction for any cat no matter what age. It enables the cat to indulge in predatory games that are great fun. These games can include anything from catching a feather on the end of a piece of string to chasing a ping pong ball or a rolled-up piece of paper!

Indoor litter tray. Even if your cat goes outside he may find from time to time that other cats make him too nervous to toilet outdoors. A tray may not be used but it will give your cat peace of mind in an emergency!

Nutrition of the highest quality is very important for a healthy body. Iams is a complete food that I would highly recommend. Don t be put off by the small amount you re recommended to feed your pet. The food is nutrient dense so feeding quantities can look small when compared to feeding amounts from cans. In fact you can see the quality of the food by the small amount of waste that comes out the other end. The smaller and firmer the stool, the more food your pet has digested and used properly.

If you are changing to Iams, introduce your cat to it gradually. The trick is to make the change slowly, ideally over four days. Feed   Iams with   of old food day one;   &   day two;   Iams with   old food on day three; Iams only day four. There are also a few tricks you could use too to help make the change over   for example start by adding a little water or by warming the food in the microwave.

Exercise is an important part of your cat s life, providing both physical and mental stimulation. If your cat doesn t go outside or is rather lazy then encouraging exercise through play will improve his wellbeing.

Security is very important to your cat. There is always a danger that other cats in the neighbourhood will come into the house and this can be extremely distressing for your cat. If you are not at home during the day, then a magnetically controlled exclusive entry cat flap may be the best option. If you are at home, then entry and exit on demand (without the need for a cat flap) will guarantee that other cats will not come in.

Stimulation indoors will prevent boredom and promote activity and exercise. This can be anything from exploring a cardboard box to climbing a tall  cataerobic  centre scratching post. Keeping toys and items novel by hiding them away from time to time before bringing them out will guarantee that your cat will still find them exciting.


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