I have a 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel and we just adopted a 10 week old puppy (border collie/lab who is already bigger than the cocker).
Anyway, we are crate training the puppy. We don’t yet have a crate for the puppy, so we are using the cocker’s crate and letting him be out at night and during the day (he is very well housetrained).
Last night, in the crate for the first time, the puppy (a border collie/lab mix who is already bigger than my cocker) was whining and yelping. We tried to ignore it, and then we tried to tell him no be quiet, but he just kept on for 5 minutes.
My cocker was sleeping next to me and ran over there a few times. Finally, he got down, laid under the bed near the crate, and issued a few low growls at the puppy. That puppy didn’t make one sound after that all night!
My dog just trained him to be quiet in the crate! Have you seen this before? Is that what he was doing? Has this got to do with being dominant or because we were upset?


  1. cj

    well you have two intelligent animals and yes the one is teaching the other. The pup just don’t like being alone and the older one will reflect on the younger one, thus teaching the same habbits of what it was taught.

  2. Jen

    your dog might have been annoyed by the whining and being that he’s more the dominant one, then yes he’s showing your new puppy the ropes.

  3. jyoun79

    Your cocker spaniel is probably just annoyed. Mom dogs growl at their puppies when they do things that are not liked too.

  4. Tin Can Sailor

    I know for sure that an older dog can train puppy’s. My little Chi/Rat Terrier was 5 years old when I got my Beagle pup. I have a dog door so the dogs can go in and out as they please. The little pup would follow the Rat around. The Rat taught the pup to go outside to do his business. I did not have to house train the Beagle. The same thing happened about six month later when I got an APBT. The two older dogs trained her for me.

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