My puppy has fleas.
Will the teatree shampoo get rid of them?
I dont want to use a harsh chemical shampoo.
Anybody had good results from teatree?


  1. Saphire

    No, I wouldn’t. Go to the vet. and get Advantage or Frontline for puppies. It kills the fleas, eggs and larvae. Whereas shampoo only puts the fleas off. Once the shampoo smell is gone, the fleas will be back.

  2. lizzy

    At this age, you are better off sticking with a regular puppy shampoo, and combing him frequently with a flea comb to pick off any adult fleas. He is old enough for Advantage, Revolution or Frontline, and all of those products are going to be gentler and far more effective than any flea shampoo, collar or powder-herbal or otherwise. I have seen firsthand bad reactions, hot spots, and other issues from “herbal” products-including seizures from an “herbal” flea collar.

  3. Aurora

    Please take your puppy to the vet. They will help you get rid of the fleas safely and quickly. 8 weeks is so young that their skin is so sensitive and gets dry very easily. They will put this stuff on the little one to make them die quickly and painlessly. Call a vet and ask their advice, they may have a shampoo you can buy and use that is safer then store stuff and you won’t have to pay for an office visit. Keep in mind fleas start worms because they live in fleas… you want them go be gone fast!

  4. alias boxer

    Is it dog shampoo, or YOUR shampoo? I’m not so sure tea tree oil is known to get rid of fleas. I would say no, don’t use it. Bathe him with a mild dog shampoo. You will have to wash him very thoroughly (probably more than once) to make sure that you have found and removed all of the fleas.
    Where did you get your puppy? You might want to call the breeder you got it from and let him know the problem you’re having and see what he says.

  5. Jan

    NO teatree shampoo will only irritate your puppies skin and won’t get rid of any fleas. Go to your vet. They can give your pup a pill that will kill the fleas on it Then you need to clean the dogs bed, your place your car or anywhere else the doggie has been. Otherwise you will still have fleas. Good luck

  6. Wordpress Autoblogging Plugin

    Tea tree shampoo is ok on dogs (NOT on cats, it’s toxic to them) but I don’t think it will get rid of fleas. Dawn dish soap will for sure. So will Head and Shoulders. Just make sure to really rinse the dog off several times to get rid of all the soap.

  7. Bozema

    At 8 weeks you can use Frontline Plus or Advantage for fleas. They are safe and the most effective products out there. You don’t want the puppy to be bitten, develop allergies from flea bites or get tapeworms, so take it seriously.

  8. cailinco

    Dawn dish soap works better than anything else that I have tried to rid dogs and cats of fleas. You can buy the pretty scented kind and he will smell way better than head and shoulders, and be careful not to get soap in his eyes.

  9. Rosalie

    Teatree oil can be just as toxic as any ‘chemical’.
    Instead, you can safely use Dawn dish detergent, just don’t go above the shoulders with it. It’s safe, and will kill the fleas.

  10. imissmah

    use head and shoulders – it kills fleas – doesnt dry their skin out – and actually smells clean if you rinse the animal thoroughly –

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