is there any other way isnt it cruel to have the puppy locked up or will it get used to it
also when do you stop using the crate altogether
any other way to potty train a puppy


  1. bookmom

    Using a crate to potty train a puppy is a good idea and works for a few reasons:
    A puppy is less likely to soil the place it sleeps, so he will try to “hold it.”
    When you take the pup outside to potty, do it on a leash and stay with him. When he potties give him at least three special treats and praise him. (Always wait a couple of minutes more because sometimes poop comes 2 minutes after pee.)
    ****This teaches the dog that he can score/earn a jackpot of treats if he potties OUTSIDE. The treats need to be special. If he is really young he should only be fed his kibble/dog food EXCEPT for food treats when he goes potty.
    The result is the pup learning that the best place—the only place—to potty is outside where he gets lots of treats and praise.
    If you take him out before and after meals and playtime and as soon as he gets out of the crate he won’t have an opportunity to have an accident in the house.
    Using the crate makes potty training a positive experience for the puppy—he is never scolded for eliminating and so you’ll never need to worry about having a dog that pees in a corner because he knows you might yell at him for peeing.
    It works very well—-and it DOES NOT mean locking the pup all day—just when you can’t be right with him to see if he starts to do any suspicious sniffing. As long as you take him out often enough it shouldn’t be a problem. (I think a 3 month old pup can hold it for a couple of hours—there is a chart about this online.)
    I used this method on my dog and the only pee accident we ever had was when he developed an infection—-which is perfectly understandable.He never did #2 in the house.
    Good luck!
    PS Play and fun in the yard should happen AFTER the potty and you can try again before you go in. Potty in the yard before you go on a walk.
    If the dog learns that playtime and walks start after potty is over they are going to go faster and get it over with. Dogs that learn the walk stops or outside time ends when they potty will hold it outside as long as they can—a fact you will not like when you are trying to get the dog to go quickly so you can dash off to an appointment.

  2. Best Metal Bands

    I trained my dogs the old fashioned newspaper way. Wherever your dog goes to the toilet cover in newspaper and ensure he only uses this patch of floor by sticking his nose into any other floor space he uses. This won’t hurt him but he’ll quickly get the message that the newspaper is the only correct place to use.
    Gradually decrease the amount of newspaper covering youa re using and move the newspapers slowly towards your back door. Eventually place the paper outdoors and once the puppy has started using an outdoors spot as his toilet space, you can remove the paper as his scent will be there.
    Whilst all this is going on, it is important to use a strong detergent to clean up inside the house to eliminate scents, so that the only scent he’ll get will be outside. Whenever he’s in the house, make an effort to let him out on the hour, even for 2 minutes, just to make sure he has a chance to go to the toilet. Small puppies especially go very often, so its best to do this.
    My parents have always used this appraoch and so have i, with many dogs and its very effetive. My youngest puppy was fully trained when he was only about 5 months which was brilliant.

  3. JR

    Its not the only way but it is best for the pet.
    Cruel is not crating and one day it gets electrocuted chewing on a cord. Or it hangs itself in your blinds. Or it manages to get under the sink to the poisons.
    But then while its being hospitalized for one of these injuries it has to deal with the stress of treatment, strange people, strange place nothing familiar and the new idea of crating for the first time.
    If a dog knows crating it relieves a lot of stress when it is necessary for him
    I no longer crate any of mine but the girls get pissy if a foster has their crate. If I have the plumber over they can all go in crates and out of the way. When at training seminars I have taken their crates and crated them when they are not involved. ( Okay all five sat in the truck with my daughter one day) That was their favorite.
    Added to your added:
    No its not nbecessarily to make them hold it and if you get a puppy don’t think there are not going to be accidents. When I have a pup I know when I get home from wotk to let the critters out, feed and water, Let some in and start cleaning the crate.

  4. sesaltwa

    I can tell you how I trained my dog, I kept her in her crate a lot the first few days that we had her. It was a small crate we use just for this purpose. If we took her out of the crate we took her outside immediately to one spot in the yard and we gave her the “potty” command. I would give her maybe one or two minutes and if she pottied she got a good girl and a treat. If she did not potty she came back in for some short play time and back into the crate. If she ever whimpered or acted like she wanted out of the crate, we took her immediately outside to the “spot” and gave her the potty command. Basically she got this one spot in the yard and the “Potty” Command at least every two hours but usually more than that the first week we had her. After about 4 days she would potty on command outside. We have never had a house accident and now that she is 2 years old I can just about get her to potty on command anywhere anytime which comes in handy in the rain and bad weather.

  5. toni1336

    No, it’s not cruel to use a crate to train a dog if you’re doing it correctly. And you don’t have to use a crate to potty train a dog. When they are puppies, you have to take them out a LOT – seriously, at the very minimum once an hour – and they’ll (typically) get the idea that they’re supposed to go outside, not in the house.

  6. shrsandy

    You don’t have to crate training your dog for potty training. It is just an all around good general training method and they usually like being in their crates once they are used to them.
    When they are puppies in the crate at night, they may need to go out every few hours since their bladders are not very big and don’t hold much. After a few weeks they will start sleeping longer.
    You can have your dog sleep in the crate at night all the time if you want. As soon as mine were potty trained I stopped having them sleep in the crate at night and they just sleep in the bedroom with us.
    I have a website that has a page on potty training your dog and one on crate training. Check them out they might help.……

  7. ETXGarde

    It’s not cruel in the least. In fact it’s the most efficient way to house train a dog. Make sure the crate is large enough for the dog to stand up & turn around while inside & put in a couple of old towels or a blanket & some of its favorite toys. Very quickly the crate becomes the dog’s special place where it can rest, & sleep & where no one is going to bother him. If you make the crate pleasant for the dog it will willingly go into it at night or when you’re going to be gone from home for long periods of time. Dogs will not pee or defecate where they sleep,so it becomes an effective way to contain the dog & teach it not to eliminate in the house. Just remember that if you’ve got a small puppy, it physically isn’t able to “hold it” for long periods of time & should be taken out every 2 to 4 hours to relieve itself.

  8. Megan

    It’s not cruel at all. When you are crate training, puppies see the crate as “their space.” Because they sleep in it mostly, they find this to be their bed. Puppies will NOT pee where they sleep, which is why crate training is the best.
    We crate trained one of our puppies and the other we didn’t, due to some health issues. The one that we did crate train will whine and let us know when she needs to go outside. The other one will show no signs, but doesn’t go in the house.
    if you decide not to crate train, you have to have the time and patience to train properly. When we didn’t crate train, we had to take the puppy out about every 45 minutes. They also need to know when they did wrong. they need to be punished when they do wrong, and rewarded when they do things properly. Dogs are pack animals and need to know where they stand.

  9. Prisoner

    Toni is right. I did not crate train my first dog. She didn’t mess in the house but sure did a lot of chewing of things she shouldn’t have while we were away. My second dog was crate trained. She did very well. As she got older we would leave the door open and she would go in and out by herself. Always make sure to take them out about the same time every day. And especially after they eat. Make sure there is fresh water at all times, even in the crate. Don’t use the crate for “puppysitting” especially if you are home. They crate should become their “comfort” spot for when you are away.

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