I once heard of a concoction that you put on a plate on the floor and the fleas jumped on it and died. It was safe. We have treated the cats with Frontline. No fleas on them when flea combed, but there are fleas in the carpet. I don’t want to spray anything that would hurt the cats.


  1. LadyJane

    Get a metal pan and fill it with water. Add dish soap but do NOT stir (you don’t want it to foam). Place it on the floor and put a lamp (ie: desk/overhead type lamp) so it is shining over the pan. The fleas are attracted to the heat (they think it’s a warm body). As soon as they jump into the pan, the soapy surface will prevent them from getting out.

  2. Elizabet

    Im not sure about a home remedy other than vacuuming all the time. I use this cheap carpet stuff that you sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming called Adams Carpet Powder that kills fleas and any other bugs that are in your carpet. I haven’t seen a flea yet!

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