im tired of almost bathing my dog averyday with flea shampoo witch takes care of the problem, but everytime my dog goes out the the lawn to do his needs , he keeps picking up fleas.
is there a spray of something for my lawn to keep this insects off it?


  1. Lisa K

    You could spray a mixture of boric acid and salt.Boric acid acts as a desiccant and dries out the exoskeleton of the flea, but does not have any side effect on human beings or animals.

  2. Sunny

    I used to buy an insecticide that would kill fleas. It was in a powder form and I would put it in a garden sprayer and mix with water according to the directions. I would wait until it wouldn’t be rain in the forecast and spray the lawn. I would send the dogs to the groomer and use a flea bomb in each room of my house. Repeat this in two weeks and you should have your flea problem under control. I would sometimes sprinkle flea powder on my carpets, too. Let it set and vacuum.

  3. NSangel

    Yes, i actually have some of it here i picked up at walmart. it’s a house and garden insect control. controls fleas as well as others.
    problem is, look how many eggs are on the dog, and in the house, waiting to hatch? the spray will only take care of the adults, and only if it actually comes in contact with it.
    the best solution is to use a product like advantage or program on the dog. it sterlizes the eggs, and breaks the cycle. so no matter if the dog picks up the fleas, they will die soon, and will not reproduce.
    good luck
    ps: there is another gardeners item ..something like damaceous earth..(check google), you can use it outdoors or inside on makes the fleas anemic and they die off.
    i haven’t found it to try it yet tho.

  4. Queline

    You can buy a powder form of insect pesticide (kills all insects) that is used to put on animals (safe) and in your yard. That will be better than spray (that would be tedious to spray a whole backyard). I wish I knew the name of the product. It works really well. It was about $13 a bag. I hate fleas and this stuff always deliver.

  5. John R

    There are several products that can be purchased in both spray and powder form. These work but I think you should also use a flea collar on your dog. also are you sure these are animal fleas, I have a type of flea that I have to spray for several times a summer, yes they get on my dogs but they are actually a lawn flea

  6. Jack the Toad

    plant mums
    this has worked for me and friends in many houses
    they will leave the area and never come back!

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