I shampoo them once a week, but they still get covered with fleas.


  1. crrousey

    i would call a vet and get advantage you put it on there neck down to their shoulder blades and then i would flea bomb the house

  2. deeprank

    this sound strange but it works. take a pie tin put dawn dish soap in it. put it on the floor near a night light. In the morning there should be a punch a fleas in it. Between the light and the sent of Dawn dish soap works for some reason.

  3. Justin

    Use a good flea preventative like frontline or advantix and make sure you don’t apply it two to three days before or after giving your dog a bath. There is stuff you can but from your vet to spray in your house to kill fleas but if you keep your dog on a preventative it should take care of the problem in the house unless you have a really bad infestation.

  4. Mad Jack

    For your pet, try a product called Front Line. It costs a lot more than the department store products, but it works, making it worth it in the long run. You can get it from your Vet.
    As for inside your house, I would talk to your Vet too. They should have a insecticide bomb and sprays for this.
    For your yard, I would use Diazanon. I use the granules and treat the entire yard. Follow the safety precautions so you don’t poison your pets.

  5. Heavy Metal Bands

    If they go outside they will continue to get fleas. You can buy the RX flea stuff and that works really good. Also if they are in your house, they will keep getting back on the animals. You need to flea bomb the house, and then buy some Advantage to put on the pets to kill the eggs. I have heard that using the prescription flea stuff works so well the fleas just jump off. Good luck, poor animals. I am glad people dont have fleas.

  6. ex girlfriend

    Advantage flea control or Frontline flea control is the only thing that I have found that works for my pets. I have two cats and a dog.
    The medicine will kill all fleas, their eggs and the entire colony in your house within 24 hours. The stuff works great. YOu can get it online cheaper than you can in a vet’s office, just keep that in mind if you decide to go that route.
    Good luck! Fleas can be a pain.

  7. simplici

    bomb your house spray your yard and dip the animals then you should have some luck you might have to bomb your house 2xs in 1 month for any eggs hatching or you might want to call a pest guy to come out.

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