I don’t have a lot of money but I can’t watch my cat suffer any longer because of her fleas. Is there anything that I can make at home that’s safe to use on her?


  1. Holly A

    Here’s the best bet… If you have $25.00-$30.00, bring her to the nearest Petco or Petsmart with a groomer. Call ahead to make sure that there is someone trained to take cats that day. Explain your problem and tell them that you need her flea dipped.
    While she is out of the house, you do need to bomb it, or you’ll have the same issue in a few days. I like a combination of Raid Flea Fogger and flea bombs (I’ve used a few types and they all have worked).
    Also, start feeding her Brewer’s yeast and garlic pills, as they make the little buggers find animals unpalatable. You can also sprinkle catnip on her and her bedding, as its a natural flea repellent.
    Best of luck to you, and I hope you get rid of the fleas!!!

  2. Emma

    Well unfortunately fleas are just opening another can of worms!
    My cat had fleas, and I don’t know of anything that you can concoct at home to cure it, but I would bring your cat the the vet as soon as possible to get some medicine!
    When my cat had fleas, since cats groom themselves so much sometimes there is viruses and stuff that the fleas carry, so they will swallow them and can lead to them getting tapeworm.
    Symptoms for knowing if they have tapeworm is there will be these little seed looking things everywhere that the cat is, its very disgusting because those are things that the tapeworm releases to reproduce it. Yuck. So if your cat has that then the vet gives him/her a pill that kills it (usually.)
    Oh and I highly suggest cleaning your house because the fleas live on everything, and they bite you all the time, so you’ll have these little bumps from their bites, you may confuse them for mosquito bites, but they’re not.
    I wish you the best of luck, if you have anymore questions please email me at emmamyr@yahoo.com, but please title the e-mail “questions about my cat”

  3. Laurie

    None that really work. Go to a vets office and for $15 you can buy a tube of Advantage to apply to the back of your cats head near the neck. It is worth the money and if you keep your cat indoors the affects will last for several months. Don’t buy over the counter meds as they can be fatal to cats. If the house is infested with fleas, flea foggers are needed and sprays for the yard. In the meantime get the Advantage.

  4. Robiηstar of RaiηClaη♥

    Lavender or Citrus shampoo works wonders. You can wash them with it or just rub a penny-sized amount thru their fur, and under it near the skin.
    Fleas hate cedar bedding. If you put your cat inside a cage with REAL cedar chip bedding, the fleas should die.
    There is a generic kind of dishwasher powder called ‘Borax’. If you put that in her fur and in carpets, couches, clothing, etc, they should deffinately die.
    ‘Zodiac’ flea spray/powder is cheap and works excellent, aswell. Just make sure your cat is not too young, they should be 1 year old or above to use Zodiac.
    Never buy Happy Jack flea power OR spray, I was disappointed with that it did not kill a single flea.
    If the fleas multiply inside your household very fast, flea bombs work just get a good kind. Not cheap-o generic bombs, they work like trash!
    For flea bites on people, get some medical alchohal and dab it on the flea bites. It doesn’t hurt one tad bit, it dries them up. DO NOT USE ON PETS!
    Good luck!
    I hate fleas, they’re nasty little things. I have some still and am fighting them with some Zodiac and Ceder chips ;]

  5. shannon g

    this helps with me it doesnt get rid of all of them but it takes alot of them off…spray bottle with about a teaspoon of shampoo the rest with HOT water set your cat on a towel and spray away(yes your cat will probablly scratch you so hold him down with one hand)try not to get it in his ears or on his face but start from the neck down so the fleas wont all run up to his head and face….after he is soaked kinda pat him dry not to much and wrap him in another clean dry towel and let him dry off in the towel for about 20-30 mins after that let him run and look at the towel u will probably see some fleas most of them are dieing so put it in a bag or in your washer…after he is fully dry take some baby powder which is like .50 cents at my dollar store and start from the bottom of the neck and powder him up DO NOT GET IT NEAR HIS FACE….it can cause him not to breath cause the inahlition of powder is not good for us and not good for animals…so after he is powdered up kinda pat him a little make sure some of the powder comes off…just incase he start licking it there will not be enough for him to actually inhale!!! hope you have fun with this and if u need any other help feel free to contact my yahoo email which is iluvjdchocolat97…..

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