First off, we’ve tried Frontline, and it does work, but if you have to wash up after using or face health risks, how is that good for the dog? Leave your big company, pesticide propaganda BS at the door. I want a NATURAL way to get rid of fleas, and proof to back it up.
I’ve heard that small amounts of garlic in their food daily help, and that Dawn dish soap does too.


  1. KinseyAn

    Garlic is questioned now as a cause of anemia, similar to onions. They don’t know how much garlic would cause it at this point, but it is being recommended that you avoid supplimenting garlic until that amount can be qualified.
    I have been reading up on apple cidar vinegar as a flea repellent. I have a cat who has reactions to flea preventative and we are trying to find other ways to prevent.
    Does your dog have fleas now? If he/she does, I would recommend giving the dog a dose of frontline, treating the house, and then begin using apple cidar vinegar or other natural remedy. That way, you’re not fighting an infestation on top of it. If your dog doesn’t have fleas, then start the natural remedies. However, it can take up to six weeks to start working.

  2. Bozema

    Garlic is actually toxic to dogs and should never be fed to them. Onions too. It is also not effective. Proponents of garlic have not considered that some natural food compunds that are fine for humans are not fine for dogs.
    Dawn dishwashing liquid will do a one-time kill of fleas but once the bath is over, it will not keep the fleas off. And bathing too frequently will dry out your dog’s coat. Dawn is a very alkaline, stong detergent and definitely not natural.
    I like to use natural products when safe and effective too. But when it comes to fleas, which can pass worms onto dogs cause flea allergy dermatitis, and make them anemic if severely infested, I have not found anything natural that is remotely effective. Frontline Plus and Advantage are by far the safest products out there that are actually effective.
    Edit – I have known several people who have tried the bowl of dish soap trick and it has worked for no one. And Sevin dust is pretty toxic stuff compared Frontline Plus.

  3. gin

    A healthy pet is the best way to avoid fleas. Good food and good health and I don’t have to worry ’bout them.
    A good natural way to kill fleas in your home is to take a shallow pan of soapy water and put it on the floor with an incandescent desk lamp over it. The fleas are attacted to the light and warmth of the bulb, but drown and die in the soapy water. It really works.
    Doesn’t kill the ones that choose to stay on your dog, though. Sorry.
    ETA – Sorry to burst all your bubbles, friend – but SOAP does KILL Insects. Insects don’t have lungs, they breathe through stoma on they’re bodies. Surfactants (that’s soap to you) smother them by covering the stoma (that’s holes). Don’t you call me “uneducated”… You can call me lots of things, but that AINT one of them.

  4. szenehau

    I find the most natural way to get rid of fleas is with a flea comb pail, alcohol and water. I combed my dogs with the a flea comb and put the loose hair in the bucket soon the fleas were gone not to return again. You do need to make sure your house carpet and furniture are free of fleas otherwise they will return. Vacuuming the floors and furniture will help rid the house of fleas.

  5. MD

    There is really a quite hard way to treat fleas ‘naturally’ as these creatures lay up eggs faster than we can think of. Imagine 2,000 eggs! and these eggs can hatch on your living room, in the couch and even under the covers.
    If you’ve tried Frontline, there are other alternatives that you can try, which are safe for both you and your dog.
    Try checking on this link for some helpful tips:

  6. refurbished blackberry

    First of all Frontline Plus does work and seeing as how thousands of dogs use it and few have side effects it is relativly safe… There are risk involed with birthcontrol pills too but the benifits outway that…. And the proof that Frontline Plus does work… I have two indoor/outdoor dogs that I use it on and have never seen a flea/tick etc on them.. My neighbors dogs (which they are around frequently) have fleas….

  7. LovinLif

    Try this, fill your tub up with water and add a little bit of soap (shampoo…) and have you dog sit for at least 5 minutes in the water with his head out of course. This will drown the fleas. I did this once and I did see about 4 fleas floating in the water. Not sure if this helps. 🙂

  8. Help

    Brewers yeat and garlic tablets help along with dusting your lawn with the 5 % sevin dust and bathing them in Dawn dish washing liquid.

  9. Betty Boop

    none will be as effective, and fipronil (the active ingredient) doesn’t absorb very well into skin to harm the dog. that’s just on the label for “lawyer protection.”

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