Is there any sort of dog training that will help my dog not have to urge to kill small animals? Because i REALLY want a guinea pig but my parents are afraid my boxer will try to eat it.


  1. •Poppy• *thinks possums are cute

    I don’t think so, prey drive is prey drive, but if you keep the cage high enough, your Boxer shouldn’t be able to get to the guinea pig, anyhow. Whenever you bring the guinea pig out of the cage, just supervise and keep your dog away.

  2. Diane

    Boxers were originally used for hunting and fighting. Genetics usually carry on BUT that’s not to say the with the proper training by a qualified trainer your dog your dog cannot learn to cohabitate. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. I am also assuming the boxer has already been aggressive towards smaller animals and if that’s the case well…………….
    1/ Size of the boxer to the guinea pig. Being stepped on also is high on the list of accidental death.
    2/ I am also going to assume you will use common sense and keep the guinea pig in a separate room, and in a very well-protected area.
    Otherwise, forget it!
    #2 is my recommendation.

  3. Kate C *Attackofthebear*

    If you want a guinea pig, make sure you are up for the work and that your family can afford the care it might take if something as simple as a URI(dont know, research more until you do) to save your piggies life. It is expensive because they are considered exotics. A good price range for an emergency vet visit is 200 depending of course on the injury. For a guinea pig, an emergency is conclusive of almost every illness, injury, etc they can get because by the time you see it, it is typically to the point they cant hide it anymore. They hide it because they are prey animals and the injury/weakness would make them an easy target in the wild. Give a URI 24 hours after the symptoms are clear and the piggy could be dead.
    I recently aquired a dog that has a very high prey drive and he has chased the rabbits a couple times. I am working with him so he realizes they are not to be chased but he is still a puppy and is around 3 other dogs that have no prey drive. I also put lids on the cages so he can not get to them.
    If you really want a guinea pig, you should already know most do not like to live alone. They are herd animals and do better in pairs or small herds. I currently have four girls and three boys, both sexes are seperate but in their same sex herds.
    Where are you planning on obtaining a GP from? If you say petco or any other petstore that sells animals from places like these:… (puppy mill, but mills for all animals sold in petstores exists).
    You need to stop and research some more.
    What are you going to feed? If you did not think of hay most varierties are ok to feed, veggies, small amount of fruits, and In particular these two brands of pellets: oxbow or kleenmamas depending on where you live, you need to do more research.
    If you are serious about getting guinea pigs, here are two very good websites I highly recommend you read thoroughly:

  4. crushcru

    Theres not really any specific training but making sure that your boxer knows the ‘leave’ command is vital, i suggest that if any of your friends has any small pet, ask them to bring it round, and holding your dogs collar firmly let him sniff it and see how he reacts

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    The guinea pig would probably die of fright before the boxer got to it.
    Dogs can live with smaller animals- my jack russell is very obedient.
    I still wouldnt trust her with anything like that though.
    The instinct is too strong.

  6. ..yo..

    get him used to the guinea pig.. after he gets used to it, I’m, pretty sure he won’t try to gobble it up

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