I have a 3 month old Yorkie and when we picked her up from the breeder we noticed that she had fleas. We’ve already tried flea and tick drops but it hasnt worked. Should we try to apply larger doses or do you have any natural suggestions?


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    Don’t give her more than her weight requires. The problem with fleas is a big long explanation so I’ll try and squish it into a couple of sentences.
    98% fleas live off the dog in your environment. 50 eggs a day are laid by female adults. Fall off the dog into environment (grass, dirt, carpet, floorboards, pavers) and can stay there up to 6 months until they get the right conditions (light, humidity, warmth).
    You need to treat your environment as well as the dog!!! Sometimes it can take a couple of months to get control ‘cos as you’re killing them new ones are hatching out!
    If you have carpet – vaccuum and steam clean to create false climate. Then treat with flea bomb. If outside, rake any leaves, dirt to expose to sunlight. Have heard lime powder works well but never used it myself.
    Flea soaps, shampoos only kill what’s on the dog at the time. As soon as she is dry new fleas will jump on.
    The top-spot applications – make sure she’s dry. Don’t wet her for 48 hours after.

  2. Jim Pless

    Animal health — Nutrition first
    Food- and plant-derived substances are a healthy substitute for chemical-based products. But are they strong enough to control fleas and ticks? Well, why are some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others? There’s a nutritional reason, and it has to do with the strength of each person’s immune system and the levels of B complex, zinc, selenium and antioxidants in the body and bloodstream. A strong immune system and high nutrient levels help repel insects. (source: http://www.alternativemedicine.com)
    If your cat or dog has a severe flea problem, it is often a signal that their health is not as it should be. Many commercial pet foods are nutritionally inadequate and contain harmful additives and by-products. By feeding your animals a high-quality, natural diet, free of additives and preservatives, you improve their health and dramatically increase their protection from fleas. A healthy animal does not taste or smell as good to fleas.
    Some excellent nutritional supplements we offer include Nupro Dog Supplement, Nupro Cat Supplement as well as the Animal Essentials line, Herbal Multi-Vitamin Powder (overall health support), Plant Enzymes and Probiotics (digestive aid), Omega 3 Plus (an essential fatty acid supplement aimed at skin, coat and heart health). Both Nupro and Animal Essentials supplements will greatly enhance your pet’s health and thus, strengthen their immunity.
    You can also add these inexpensive, easy nutritional supplements (you may even have these in your cupboards right now).
    Garlic and yeast
    Fleas particularly dislike the flavor of garlic and yeast (nutritional or brewer’s yeast). Mixing garlic and yeast with your pet’s food can render their blood unpalatable to fleas.

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    Talk to your vet before changing a dosage or trying a “natural” remedy. If it can kill the fleas, then it can harm your dog if too much is used (especially a puppy of a small breed).
    ADDITION: Garlic can be harmful to dogs, so be careful using it! Natural doesn’t mean safe.

  4. gtrgirl9

    ok my dogs were very infested and nothing worked so we got frontline and it worked but b4 that another thing worked for them that is ok for pups too and that is to mix garlic with lemon juice and a little vinagar and then bathe them in it it works but he may smell a little after that

  5. Lorraine K

    We have two dogs, a large outside dog and a Jack Russell, who goes out but stays in at night.
    We use Advantage and a topical spray, according to the directions. We get Cooper’s spray at the Farm supply store. Just be sure that you wash the bedding and spray there too. I have heard that garlic is a natural remedy for fleas.
    Spray the yard and inside as well. We also spray the inside of our vehicles. Of course, we make sure that there is plenty of ventilation when spraying.
    Good luck and God bless you!

  6. I love my rottie :)

    I wouldn’t use over the counter flea drops on a 3 month old puppy!!!
    Bathe her in Dawn dish soap. It will kill the fleas and is not harsh on their skin.
    Be careful of the eyes!!! If you suspect soap in the eyes rinse with saline.

  7. Bozema

    Talk to your vet. You don’t want to be doubling up medications. There is a medication called Capstar that your vet can give you that will do a one-time kill. After that, Frontline Plus or Advantage should control the fleas. There is also Promeris, the new product just on the market your vet can get for you.
    When it comes to fleas, natural methods usually don’t cut it.

  8. reispins

    The best thing to do is give her a flea bath. then use a flea powder on your carpeting. and wash the bed the puppy has already slept in. treating the whole enviroment is the only way to get rid of fleas, as the flea life cycle includes eggs which drop off the dog and get into carpeting, rugs and bedding. you shoudl use a Flea and Tick drops as a preventative. after cleaning the dogs and the enviroment.

  9. Dalala

    Use advantage of frontline. Nothing else. It kills the fleas that bite the dog but if they’re already in your house you’ll have to treat the floors also.

  10. Dan

    We have a 5 year old yorkie, and he is doing well with a new tablet that really does a great job in killing fleas. But, 3 months MIGHT be too young. Check with your vet, and never try a new medication until you’ve talked to the vet. Every medication is geared to their weight. The thing about Yorkies also is that they need brushing every other day or so because they don’t shed AT ALL. And, if you’ll keep her brushed, and the fleas “on the move”, so to speak, maybe you can pull most of them off.

  11. Jessica W

    you can put a flea collar on them and buy flea shampoo and give your dog a bath sometimes they even have a spry that you can put on her/his back it helps them and most of the time you cant feel it I would advise talking to your vet though

  12. montee

    I use yeast tablets every day with all of my dogs. I never have a flea problem. The vet said this is ok for them and actually was very impressed. I have done this for years. Apparently when its in the blood stream, for some reason the fleas don’t like the dogs. You can get them at any supplement store. Good luck

  13. patricia

    No don’t use larger doses this can be toxic to a little pup.Give the pup a bath with regular flea shampoo.If the fleas return too much you either have them in your carpet or the yard which can be treated .There are natural treatments you can research for on the web.But for a quick and immediate knockdown of the fleas use the shampoo.

  14. Lisa K

    You could spray a mixture of boric acid and salt on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by your pet. Boric acid acts as a desiccant and dries out the exoskeleton of the flea, but does not have any side effect on human beings or animals.

  15. indie

    If you want to try a safe and all natural way to get rid of fleas, grind up some Rosemary ( the herb ) into a fine powder and sprinkle it on your dog. The fleas don’t like it and will jump off. The only thing you have to do is spray or find some other way of killing the fleas that are in your carpet etc.

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