I gave my dog a bath yesterday with 3 flea shampoos, and today the fleas ARE BACK!! Please help me get rid of them.


  1. Dashin S

    frontline plus that is what i use on my dog and poof no more fleas any more questions just ask your vet

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    Shampoo is only good for getting rid of most of the fleas when you first bring an animal in your house with fleas. Mostly it just physically removes a lot of them. BUT, it will never get rid of all. You can get a product called capstar from your vet and it will kill all the fleas on your dog immediately (it’s a pill, and the fleas just drop off). AT THE SAME TIME, you should put a flea product (again, from you vet, talk to him/her) like frontline or advantage on the dog and also (again, get it from the vet, because you want something non-toxic) get whatever sprays you need to treat your house and yard (personally I like to remove the dog for the day and bomb the house). Once you do all this you can simply treat the dog monthly with the topical frontline or advantage or whatever your vet recommends and you won’t have a problem, although you may need to spray the yard once in a while if you have neighboring animals or animals that come through your yard.
    If you have carpet, it’s also a good idea to buy a flea collar and put it in the vacuum bag of your vacuum cleaner (NOT on the dog, flea collars are very toxic and don’t work except on the neck). Then vacuum everywhere. This will pick up a lot of the fleas and eggs in the carpet and they won’t come back out of the vacuum to reinfest the house.
    PLEASE stop bathing your dog–you will dry out his skin and make it worse, and the shampoos are of course a little toxic, so too much is not good.
    ALSO, someone recommended garlic. That can be toxic if a dog gets too much (which depends on the size of the dog). It causes anemia. I WOULD NOT give a dog a piece of garlic for that reason, plus who wants a dog with garlic breath, and other treatments work much better for the fleas.

  3. Epic Proportions

    No. There isn’t any product that will absolutely get rid of fleas.
    When you treat for fleas you must treat the dog, the home and anything the dog comes in contact with (car, bedding). Each time your dog goes outside he is at risk of getting fleas again.
    There isn’t much you can do about it other than keep your pooch and your environment as clean as possible – and invest in a anti-flea medication from your vet.

  4. suzyq

    if u have a little dog use on quarter of a clove of garlic and put it in their food. If you have a dog over 50 lbs. try one whole clove of garlic crushed up in their food. Works for me and I have three large dogs with long hair. Recommended by my vet many years ago I have never had fleas and neither have my dogs.

  5. tamkpman

    There is this new stuff that the groomer gave my dogs. It kills the fleas within an hour and works for 30 days. I got some more from the vet because we were having terrible flea problems and one of my dogs is very sensitive. It works like a charm! The itching has almost entirely stopped.
    My dogs are on Sentinel but I don’t like to use the topical stuff (Frontline, etc.) because I have kids and that stuff is straight poison.
    I am sorry I do not know the name of it but your vet or groomer should know.
    You may want to bomb your house if you have carpet and be sure you wash the dog bed too if he has one.

  6. Trillian

    You can get your dog a eucalyptus collar. Eucalyptus is a natural flea repellent because fleas find its scent intolerable. It can prevent fleas but also get rid of existing infestations. I haven’t seen many eucalyptus collars around but I got mine at http://xiuoui.multiply.com and it works. It’s good for puppies too since it’s all natural and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.
    Plus, you can recharge it as often as you need to with eucalyptus essential oil and that’s like 3.99 a bottle and all you need is like 5 drops a week. That’s savings.
    I used the topicals (Frontline/Advantage) too before getting the Euc Collar. But my vet said that once I gave my dog a bath, unless I use a special shampoo (which was way expensive), the meds are gone. So the fleas would be back. I take a lot of walks so the Euc Collar works. I just dab it with a drop of eucalyptus essential oil whenever we go out walking and he never comes back with fleas. Burrs maybe, lol, but not fleas.

  7. amberowl

    Only treatments brought from the vets work – stuff from pet shops etc simply isn’t strong enough – shampoos don’t work either. It’s expensive but part of the cost of keeping a pet. Treat the bedding, carpet etc as well as this is where 90% of the problem is and keep it up every month or they will quickly return.

  8. :x

    people this is why they have flea treatments for dogs, go get some frontline and treat your pet. thennnnnnnnnn clean your whole damn house because they arent just on the dog, depending on how long hes had them they are probably in the carpets bedding and couches not to mention his bed as well. vacuum everything and they sell powders for the carpets. good luck. oh yeah dont forget to TREAT YOUR DOG. gosh.

  9. Lauren

    My vet recommends K-9 Advantix. We have a Labrador puppy. We apply Advantix to our dog at the beginning of every month. We haven’t had any problems yet so I highly suggest you check out the product.
    I’ve also heard great things about Frontline and Advantage. These three brands seem to be the leader in flea and tick control for dogs.http://k9healthsolutions.com/k9-advantix…http://k9healthsolutions.com/frontline-p…http://k9healthsolutions.com/advantage.h…
    Hope this helps you out.

  10. sjt_tn

    I gave this answer yesterday to someone with this same question.http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?…
    Please do not use more than one kind of shampoo. Not all flea shampoos contain the same chemicals. You poison your dog by doing this. Try the DE. It works wonder. Remember it takes time to get rid of fleas. Nothing is an instant fix.

  11. Jacklyn

    get FRONTLINE. Here in texas fleas are SO bad, and all of my dogs and my dogs at the daycare i work for use it and we have never had one dog have fleas.
    whatever you do tho, DONT USE HARTZ, ive seen MANY MANY dogs get sick, have irritations, and die from it, its just like a poison!

  12. Alyssa M

    Shampoo HELPS but doesn’t fully rid them. Did you let the shampoos soak into his skin for 5 mins.? If you go to any Home Depot they sell some really good stuff! I use that for mine. I don’t remember what it was called but it’s great stuff. AND CHEAP!

  13. ♥life is great anihilates BYB♥

    front line works but you also need to treat your house sofas bedding as well with a house hold Spray and vac ***

  14. Sara G

    Be careful of using vet products to kill dog fleas. You have to understand that vets are there to make money, and frontline and advantage do not work. I have tried this on my dogs for months and the problem was never solved. My vet has made thousands of dollars from me to no end of my dogs suffering. I am still at a loss, as to how to kill the fleas, and I have tried everything. I am going to try a pesticide called sevens dust and see if that works. It is supposed to be harmless for dogs, and a big flea killer. The problem is also not caused from my house, because we have cleaned everything throughout the entire house. There should be no fleas and they are only on our dogs. The house is also fogged regularly and the yard and foundation also treated.

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