My fiancee and I just got a Shiba Inu Puppy and we were looking for the best ways to train our puppy to his new environment. Shibas are very agressive and stubborn animals so we want to know what’s the best way to approach his training. I heard alot about doing the dog whisperer method but I’ve read at some places that that method may not be good.


  1. tiptoptr

    Even his show says not to try this at home, and the AVSAB (American Vet Society of Animal Behavior) agrees- they recommend not using his methods.
    Positive reinforcement training using a marker (clicker training) works well with all breeds, when applied correctly. It has been used successfully with hundreds of species from birds, felines, marine mammals, dogs, pigs, horses, even invertebrates.
    Learn about clicker training and how training can be a cooperative effort shared by two species, instead of a confrontation.

  2. Jesse Rocks

    Staying calm and assertive is always good. Exercise is also always key.
    You need to decide what training methods work best for you. I have used Cesar’s methods as well as many other methods. It really depends on the issues that you are faced with.

  3. Patty

    You should train your dog with a proven system. There is a guide I used and got great results. It is called ‘SitStayFetch’…
    But, what exactly makes this guide so special? Would it be something that can really help you train your dog?
    When you first download SitStayFetch, you may become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of material presented. Not only do you get over 170 pages of information, but you also get nine audio files, eight videos and several bonus books.
    What you will quickly notice with this book is that it’s very well organized. It comes with a detailed table of contents for quick reference. It really helps the user get a quick overview of what’s to come and to also go directly to a specific area of the book they need to look at.
    The content of SitStayFetch is actually used by leading dog training professionals around the world. The solutions to numerous behavioral problems such as barking, aggression, chewing, digging and jumping are offered to the reader in great detail.
    Another great aspect of SitStayFetch is that it allows you to correct an older dog’s retained habits so the saying “you can teach an old dog new tricks” does not apply if you implement the methods found in this book.
    Beside the obedience training commands and tricks you will learn, here are just some issues you can eliminate by using Sit Stay Fetch:
    – Puppy and Dog Aggression
    – Biting and Nipping
    – Bad Breath
    – Dealing with 2 dogs in the house
    – Jumping on people and furniture
    – Jealousy
    – Fighting with other dogs
    – Fear of leash
    – Hot weather
    – Separation anxiety
    – Housebreaking and house training
    The SitStayFetch guide contains full color photographs that will help make you own learning process even easier. You can also get a set of 8 videos which will further complement the main guide. With the videos, you will be able to see the dog training techniques in action which is probably the best way to learn the material.
    The first section is an introduction for people who are considering buying a dog or puppy and for first time dog providers. The second division is for more experienced dog owners. The last part goes into more detail on the increasingly popular technique of “dog whispering”, as well as learning more regarding common and uncommon dog problems, and teaching more advanced commands and tricks.
    You will agree that this appears like a wonderful dog training guide. And I have found out that it really is. My amazing dog has never been so much of a delight!
    Check out my source, hope it’ll help. Good luck!

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