i’ve heard many times that training your dog with German commands is better and easier for the dog. some people claim that the intonation and pronunciation of German is somehow easier for dogs to “get”. is this true? i have a beautiful pitbull girl, who’s very sweet and an overall very good dog. she’s been acting up lately, chewed up a pillow, not coming when i call and not dropping her toy when i tell her too. any videos or websites anybody recommends? all genuine good advice is welcome and appreciated. thanx in advance!


  1. Visualization Secrets

    Dogs generally have an easier time distinguishing sharp and/or guttural sounds, which is why you’ve heard that German is better.
    However, changing your language won’t turn your dog into Lassie. She can distinguish your words and hear you just fine from across the room.
    One thing about training in another language is that other people can’t command your dog around. In one way it’s good, but in other ways, who cares? Dogs are smart enough not to run up to every stranger just because he says “come.” And there might be a situation (like if you’re injured) that a stranger and your dog would benefit if the stranger could give your dog familiar commands.
    Changing the language might make a slight difference, but I don’t think hugely. I think that German may be more useful for people who work their dogs over long distances (certain sports, herding, police work, etc.) and in activities where obedience has to be instantaneous (like police and protection work). The dog might be able to make out the words better from a distance or when he’s in high drive. Then again, many trainers of all of the above sports use English perfectly well.

  2. JeN

    I don’t know about all that, but law enforcement trains dogs with German commands so that perpetrators or other civilians are less likely to confuse the dogs by trying to give them commands.

  3. K.C

    Just speaking clearly helps your dog understand the commande
    I have herd that German is better but I have also herd and read that if you speak clearly and farm that it doesn’t matter what language you speak.

  4. novak-9

    German commands came with dog sport of schutzhund long time ago. Schutzhund people using it now to show respect to the Germany where their sport came from. ( Like TKD people using Korean for their martial art training)
    Most Schutzhund dogs are the best trained dogs, but it’s not because German commands they using. It’s because they spend hundreds of hours training their dogs. Good trainers and helpers are also good part of well trained dogs.
    You can use any command you like, as far as you know how to train your dog. In your case, finding a trainer who can help you. Every dog is different. Video, web site and books are great, but they cannot teach you how to deal with each dog’s different personality. Good luck !

  5. ChrissyL

    its more about tone than what you say.. using a upbeat tone and saying good puppy, good girl, good boy is just as effective as saying it in anyother language.. dont confuse the dog by training it that NO is the word for something bad and then teaching it something totally different in german. go with one or the other NOT BOTH. Training isnt instant it takes hard work. and sometimes a professional needs to get involved.
    Good luck!

  6. rhinestones

    Commands with words that end in a hard a or o like no as opposed to stop or ya instead of come and naming you dog Ava or Leo seems to have better response but if you don’t speak German all the time it may not really be a good idea

  7. StingWre

    Yes it is easier.Believe it or not.They are use and more successful and easier training when you are teaching them German.Most cops make their canines learn german.It is easier and they will respond better to your commands.Thx

  8. mommies_

    Sorry, but that is so stupid. Dogs don’t understand any human languages, so it doesn’t really matter what language you teach them in. If you say it enough, they will eventually get it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. 3DogMom

    It doesn’t matter what language you use if your method of training isn’t working. The only time I recommend switching back and forth between languages is when English commands start sounding like each other, like “Down” and “Bow”, or if you yourself are fluent in another language.
    If your dog is ‘acting up’, the problem can be solved very simply:
    #1 – Exercise! The most important thing you can do for any dog is to give it enough exercise. Here’s how you know if your dog has had enough exercise – sit down on a couch and try to watch the TV. If your dog is pacing, in your face, and obviously antsy, get up and go jog with her. If your dog is sound asleep on her dog bed, exercise isn’t the issue (which is a good thing on your part). Which means you should…
    #2 – Obedience train. As sweet as your pittie is, she’s not totally obedience trained. And, as hurtful to our pride as it is, we oftentimes have to take two steps back and reinforce simple commands. Take your dog on a long leash and walk forward. Randomly run back the other way, and when the dog is following you, say “Come!” or “Recall!”. When she gets to you, click and treat her. Repeat repeat repeat in all situations and at all times of the day. For giving up toys, give her a stuffed toy. Let her hold it. Then, hold a yummy piece of meat in front of her nose and say “Give” or “Drop It”. She’ll let go of the toy and you reward her with the meat. Soon, you can take away the food and the behavior will be rock solid. Hope that helps you! =)

  10. Rahaaa

    Please, don’t even think about it.
    If you can’t afford proper classes, get several good books on basic dog training and behavior.
    Look at it as a long time investment in your dog.
    If you fvck up the training it matters not if it’s in english or german.

  11. Go Spurs Go

    It is easier, but only if you speak German. I would train the dog in english. Pits are very smart, and she will learn quickly.

  12. levonn38

    i hav actually heard they way Germans speak is easierfoe dogs. like “Das ist Bad” to say it was bad

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