I have two dogs at home and they’re not puppies and they’re not trained. Is it too late for them to get trained from a training place? If I were to get new puppies, should i let them go to dog training school? How can I train them myself? i tried but for some reason it didn’t work, maybe i didn’t do it the right way. I need feedbacks. Thanks


  1. raven

    Find a good training class, where the instructor uses positive re-enforcement as well as corrections to teach the dog basic obedience. If you tried before and it did not work it was probably due to a lack of practice on your part. You must practice at least once a day for 15 to 30 minutes.
    It is never too late to train a dog, it only get a little harder as they get older because they usually have bad habits that have to be corrected. It is easier to prevent bad habits then it is to get rid of bad habits but training is always possible with patience and consistency.

  2. heart o' gold

    It’s never too late to train a dog. All my dogs of the past 20 years have been rescues, have come to me at various points in their lives, and all have learned basic obedience, household manners and a few tricks very quickly.
    Training dogs is really easy. The key is to be consistant and work in small periods every day. To train them yourself, get a good book, I highly recommend “How to be Your Dogs Best Friend”, which is older but excellent. There are lots of other good books out there as well.
    Sending the dogs off to training camp is not the most effective way to train them because YOU aren’t learning anything. Going to training classes where you and the dog work as a team in the class is a great way to go, as it teaches you how to communicate with your dog. A combination of BOTH methods (book and class) would be ideal.
    Well trained dogs are happier and will have a stronger bond with you because you will be able to communicate with them (to a certain extent) and they will better understand what is expected of them. They are also much easier to live with.
    Good luck and best wishes.

  3. sillybut

    Its never to late to train dogs. What I recommend is hiring a private trainer to come to your house and train YOU on how to train your dogs. They teach all the basic skills along w/ special recommendations for you. For example I had a trainer teach me how to train my dogs not to run out of the door if its wide open. I can take in the groceries and not worry that my dogs may get away.
    Good Luck

  4. Jill H

    it is never too late to train a dog – the oldest I’ve trained is 12 years old. Dogs need to be continually guided & showned what is expected of them. Don’t expect that training is complete after one round of obedience classes. Keep practicing – add commands to your daily routine to keep them in check (have them sit or down before eating, going out the front door etc.)

  5. KathyS

    Yes…but you can take a dog at any age to obedience training. Some places have classes for different ages etc.

  6. John L

    It is never to late to get your puppies trained!
    I recommend that you train them youurself and do not take them to dog traing school.
    I have a few reasons for this: Dog training school can be very expensive, Sometimes it can do more harm than good and it is better to build a strong relationship with your pup by teaching him everything yourself.
    I have had great success with one site in particular (see sources).
    Good luck!

  7. ☺love~th

    No, absolutely not! It is not too late to train your dogs. I highly recommend that you take them to a training class. It will help.
    Good Luck!!

  8. Christine T

    Old dogs can learn new tricks. The best thing to do(according to my experience) is to get those dogs into a training program that works with you AND your dog. The hardest part of training (most) dogs is understanding how you are encouraging bad behavior. Ive tried some pretty outragously prices classes, but got the same outcome as the fairly cheap classes at petsmart. Plus the store environment provides for many distractions which are useful in gaging what exactly your dog is understanding. Good luck to you and your pooches!

  9. Christy K

    I have 2 Shih Tzus one is 2 1/2 and his son is 16 mos. We are taking them to a professional trainer nest week. Yes you can teach an old dog how to act properly. Also I would take the puppy as soon as it is weaned from it’s mama..the sooner the better our trainer tells us. Don’t be hard on yourself, dog training is not somethingeveryone can do by themselves,some dogs are just stubborn and a professional knows exactly what to do, besides the trainer not only trains your dog but they train YOU to train your dog. Check with a trusted vet in your area for a reasonable priced and good trainer. Good luck!! Wish me luck, muy guys are stubborn as hell!!

  10. Teresa V

    It is not too late to get them trained but I would reccomend researching the place you go for obedience school and make sure that they will do a good job. Most training places you go with as well and they will teach you tips for continuing training once you go home.

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