For example, when I’ve just sat down on the couch with a slice of pizza and I don’t want my dogs nose in it. How do I teach him the command “Go away”?


  1. animal_a

    Best way is to train him to go to a certain spot when you give a command. I trained my mother’s Springer Spaniel to “Bed” which is her dog bed, my own dogs are trained to “Go lie down” which means they head for their crates. Once trained to do this, with repetition combined with NEVER feeding a begging dog, they stop doing it.
    To train the dogs I simply gave the command, walked over to the spot and dropped a treat.. after a couple dozen times they headed there before I was even walking.

  2. gimpybak

    Most people command the dog to ‘lay down’. My dogs understood that ‘get a life’ meant that I wanted them to go lay down. How is your dog with other commands? If he is pretty good with other commands you might be able to find some tips on Cesar Millan’s (the dog whisperer) website. If this is not the only issue you have with your dog then an obedience class would be very useful. Even if your dog is an adult and somewhat trained, the training methods and tips (and socialization for your dog) can be very helpful.
    I took my puppy to obedience class and it was very helpful. Recently my puppy was put on medication that could not be broken, cut or crushed and had to be given on an empty stomach with no food for at least one hour. So slipping it in a treat was not an option. He is a small breed dog and only 8 months old. He was getting so upset and each day was getting harder and harder on both of us. I found tips on his website and now he is taking them like a champ!

  3. Ista

    A beautiful command that has more meaning and is actually more helpful is “Go Lay Down”. I use it as necessary for mine, and they understand it just fine. Perhaps you could try teaching that one.

  4. eenie meanie

    If he comes up to you walk him away, maybe to his bed or a spot he likes to sleep in tell him to down and stay. If he is well trained, no matter what you are doing he will down/stay where you say to.

  5. ☼HNC☼

    Go to bed! That’s what I say, he runs to his bed, grabs a toy on the way, and hangs out for a while.

  6. Dog Chick

    you can do this 2 different ways. With either the Away command or teach the dog to go to a spot, like his crate or mat with a command indicating where you want the dog to go. you can learn to teach these commands by looking up dog training and following the instructions, a clicker is very useful too

  7. Rosalie

    Our dog shouldn’t be there when you eat.
    Put him in his crate in another room with either his dinner or a chew, and be the pack leader.

  8. Karen L

    I’ve taught all my dogs to “go away” when I’m eating. I don’t care much if they beg quietly but it’s very useful when there are visitors. I point my finger with arm extended, say GO AWAY in a very low, stern voice, stare at them,and move towards them a bit till they back up. Do that a few times and he should get the idea. When I use it, it only means they have to back off far enough from the dinner table not to be a nuisance, not that they have to go any particular place. You can also teach the dog what ‘go to your bed’ means, and this should never be presented as a punishment, by tone of voice or anything else, no matter how annoyed you are. Going to his bed should always be a pleasant thing.
    Don’t ever feed the dog from the pizza, that will only encourage him to get closer, hoping for another goody. Even once every two months will do it, dogs are optimists when it comes to receiving food.

  9. janine l

    Tell him “NO” and sit or “lay down”.
    I would consult a book or the internet on the proper way of teaching the dog to sit and lay down.
    Good Luck.

  10. lilmess7

    we tell my dog to ‘git’. i know that sounds sort of country, but we are from oklahoma. lol anyways, we just say the word in a harsh tone and she goes and lays down by the door. we taught her, by saying it and then leading her over to the door and telling her to ‘stay’. then after we were finished doing whatever, we call her over and praise her. it only took a few times of leading her over and she got the hang of it.
    make sure when you are eating though, you pay him NO attention. not even petting or making eye contact. eye contact can be an invitation for the dog to come over. so if you look at him and he comes over and you give him a peice of food, he’ll think your rewarding the behavior. so make sure once you say the command, don’t give him attention until you are done doing whatever. he’ll pick it up pretty quick, as long as your consistant.
    good luck!

  11. Little Dragon

    we tell ours to GO LAY DOWN, they do right at our feet. their afraid they’ll miss a crumb.

  12. SusanS, Incognito

    We have always told our dogs to “go lay down,” and they have done it. Not to say they don’t come back and try again! lol Yes, we do eat pizza on our couch, too! It is perfectly normal! 😉

  13. flat back crystals

    Why not simply put your dog in another room until you are finished, tell him no, or put him in a down stay until you are done. And why are you eating on the couch? Why aren’t you at the table? LOL.

  14. awcl81

    Do what the second poster suggested. Basically, you want to teach your dog a ‘boundary’ lesson.
    His bed or kennel is usually a best bet…whichever is more secure and comfortable for him. For my bichon, if she starts begging at the table, I turn to her and say firmly, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” (her kennel) and she goes and waits there.
    As with all commands, you will have to teach your dog to associate the command with what you mean. And only say it once. If he doesn’t obey immediately, put your pizza down, and take him to his bed/kennel.

  15. Gayle C

    make up your own for example spread your fingers apart on both hands wave the hands back and forth
    it means enough in sign language
    you may have to push him away at first to teach him the connection
    but evedentially just the hands actions will work
    had a deaf dog when i was younger it worked on him

  16. Kris

    my dogs know “Go lay down”. When I tell them that, they go across the room and lay down. Originally it meant they go in to the back den and lay on their pillows, but we’ve relaxed the rules a bit.
    It helps to have a bed or spot you expect them to go to, like a dog bed or crate (with the door open). Just tell them to go lay on their bed, go to their room/crate, or go lay down in a specific place/room/corner.

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