I recently adopted a five yr old dog from my local shelter. I have two other dogs that are very well socialized and good with dogs, cats, horses, etc. At first, all three dogs got along very well. However, when i pet or play with my other dogs, the new dog starts barking and will eventually attack them if i continue to pay them and not him attention. Does anyone with experience in the realms of introducing shelter dogs to existing dogs have any behavioral training tips to help my amily out?


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    Have him on leash & correct him for any jealous behavior. Put him on a down stay when you are lovin’ on the other dogs. Correct him immediately for any lip or growling. Let him know you will NOT tolerate any of that behavior. When he complies & is a good boy, after you are done with the other dogs, call him over to you, tell him “good boy” & he gets his lovins. Be 100% consistent. The behavior will disappear.
    btdt with different rescue dogs

  2. Ellen

    Always make the presence of other pets a pleasant experience – tensing up, scolding, shooing and grabbing teach that another animal is to be disliked.
    Learn the signs of peacemaking and stress in dogs.
    Praise any appropriate interaction that you see – polite dogs can help one another learn.
    Serial feeding is a handy way to support several goals:
    – helping an animal learn its name
    – getting an animal to enjoy the company of another animal or person
    – encouraging animals to remain calm around one another
    – strengthening the idea that food should not be taken without permission
    Have all of the animals within reach, and equidistant from you. If any know “sit” or “down,” and are comfortable doing so in one another’s presence, ask for it. Say an animal’s name, your cue for giving permission to eat something, and feed that animal a treat. Then do the same with the next, etc., until each has had a treat.
    Any animal that gets pushy, bothers another animal, or does anything else that you don’t want, doesn’t get a treat when their turn comes around again. Keep moving yourself, if need be, to keep the distance equal between you and every animal.
    Periodically repeat this ritual, to remind all that the presence of the others brings good things, but only if they are all calm and polite.

  3. Bill L

    Just a little jealous. Should get over it in time. My dog who loves my cat still gets jealous when i brush the cat. He will come over and get between me and the cat till I brush him..

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