What’s Wrong With Dogs? – Should some breeds be left to die out? Are we forcing the domestic dog into a genetic bottle-neck through reckless and selfish breeding? We investigate the true state of domestic dogs today and find out which organisation is really to blame.

Preparing to Say Goodbye – The death of a dog is almost impossible to cope with, but this touching and enlightening feature, written by Michael Hayward, should inspire many dog owners and show them how to make the last few weeks of a dog’s life his very best.

7 Air Travel Tips – Flying abroad is stressful, add a dog into the equation and you can double the stress. But it doesn’t need to be that way, with forward planning, organisation and our 7 point plan, travelling by plane with your dog will be a doddle.

Real Life – Our Real Life feature takes a harrowing and tragic turn this issue, as we hear from a dog warden so distressed by what happened to her at work one day last year, she may never go back to her job.

K9 Health – What is the Healthiest Dog Breed? We go searching in some of the most remote parts of the world, arctic forests, the Outback and remote American plantations to find the world’s most robustly healthy and genetically stable dogs. Also feature, the canine health hall of shame – what are the least healthy dog breeds in the world? Is your breed one of them?

Beating Natural Selection – When nature deals you a dud hand, life can be hard. Nothing is truer for Bing, a blind and deaf puppy who is so weak he often tumbles over in a heap. But despite his many problems, Bing has found help in an unusual form and is sidestepping nature’s cruel plan. Truly inspirational.

Think Like a Dog, Win at Life – If we all took a leaf out of our dogs’ books, our lives may just improve that little bit. Dealing with adversity, de-stressing and making friends, just three of things that dogs do better than us. But what else can we learn from our dogs about succeeding at life?

Breed Profile – Chongqing Dog – This issue’s breed profile features one the rarest and most fascinating breeds in the world. With his red fur, striking and somewhat imposing look, the Chongqing Dog has a rich and intriguing history.

Canine Inventions that Changed the World – What links the theory of evolution and the dog whistle? Or the discovery of gravity and the dog flap? There are many inventions that solve a canine problem, such as worming tablets and the humble lead, but which inventions (and not always intentionally) changed the canine world?

Dog Adoption – the latest statement of canine chic – When second hand denims sell for over £100, you know there is a premium for recycling. Is the same becoming true of dogs? With many dog owners now viewing dog adoption as cool, the dogs in need of new homes are desirable and influential. How will this affect re-homing statistics?

12 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Day – Being a domesticated dog can get quite repetitive. Food, walk, sleep, food , walk, sleep. But there are many ways the clever dog owner can brighten up, invigorate and excite their dog’s mood – and they’re all simple, free and effective.

Victoria Stilwell Interview – Now living in America and no longer doing It’s Me or the Dog, what’s Britain’s favourite dog behaviour expert up to nowadays?

A History Lesson – The Pre-Industrial Canine Diet – How did dogs stay healthy when all they ate was table scraps and butcher’s floor scrapings? Prior to the canning process becoming endemic in British manufacturing, dog owners didn’t have their pick of specially formulated, age compatible complete food, so they had to get creative and frugal. Find out how…

A View From Greece – Well Crete to be more specific…Our contributor on the sunny island of Crete has good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first? Stray dogs, high abandonment figures and mass poisonings are on the list of things to worry about, but foreign help may be on the way.

Interview with Tim Vincent – Former Blue Peter presenter Tim Vincent was on the verge of becoming a household name in the UK, then he skipped over to America to pursue his career over there and hasn’t looked back since. We caught up with Tim to find out how New York fairs as a dog friendly city and why his own dog prefers the UK.

Me and My Dog…Linda Barker – Linda Barker is the focus of this issue’s Me and My Dog feature. With influential and sophisticated taste in all things interior design, how does the queen of good housekeeping cope with her two dogs sleeping on the sofa?

Dog Danger- How to Spot a Dog Attack- They’re never spontaneous, they’re never unprovoked and they never happen for no reason. Dogs attacks can be avoided, read this to find out how.

Understanding Pack Dynamics – By studying the wild wolf, we can learn about how dogs interact with each other and with us. The wolf is living proof of the canine’s social inclinations, use the wolf as a lesson in pack organisation and mutual respect and see your dog’s life improve instantly.

K9 Interactive – Teaching the High Jump – A step by step guide to teaching this agility contest staple. Suitable for all dogs, provided they like fun and haven’t been over-fed today!

UK’s Windiest Breeds – Which breed has the shameful title of being the windiest in the UK? And more importantly, why? Some breeds are far more prone to flatulence than others, but which dogs are safe to be left in polite company and which are not?

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