Interview with Layla Keighley

Layla Kayleigh is a British born TV presenter who moved to the USA when she was young to pursue her dreams in front of the camera. She now presents MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ where she searches for hidden dance talent in cities all over the USA. She chats to K9 Magazine about her two dogs Munkey and Max, a Jack Russell Terrier cross Chihuahua and Chihuahua.

Bad Dog Owner Habits and how to Avoid Them

No dog owner is perfect, I’m sure most of us have got areas we’d like to improve upon. Our writer spoke to members of her dog owning circle to uncover the most common naughty dog owner habits and how we can overcome them. There is no doubt that we love our dogs and would do anything for them. But, as responsible dog owners, could we have done more, or perhaps if all along have we been rearing our dogs in ways we shouldn’t have? Are we aware of the impact of overfeeding and under exercising may have on the health of our pet? How can factors such as; anthromorphising (treating an animal like a human), leaving a dog on its own for too long, lack of mental stimulation, not implementing a routine and neglecting to socialise your pet have a great impact on your dogs behaviour? We may also be guilty of not picking up our dog’s mess after them or may have neglected to do the full research on the breed.

Preparing for a New Dog (part 1)

As part of a series in preparing for a new puppy, we felt compelled to write an article about house training a new puppy after endless hours of internet surfing and reading many different books on the subject. We concluded that we might have a formula that is effective and will result in having a long-term companion with absolutely no behaviour challenges. There are many things we have to understand when getting a puppy and be prepared to get them into a routine as soon as possible. Before the dog arrives you need to plan ahead and get all the necessary equipment e.g. toys, cages, food and ensure that your home and garden are dog proof.

Breed Profile – The Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a large, powerful and imposing breed from the Bordeaux region of Southern France. They have been documented in French history since the 14th century but only over the last 100 years have we seen the breed exist outside France. The breed has survived the French Revolution and WW II and has won over the hearts of families all over the world. The Dogue de Bordeaux will make a wonderful pet for anybody who wants a dog who will demonstrate loyalty, patience and utter devotion to its owner.

Understanding your Dominant Dog

Dogs are naturally social animals and in the wild they live in packs with a strong hierarchy in place. As pack animals, dogs have an instinct to dominate and with the absence of a pack in the home, the dog will need to understand his position in the household. We explore how you can demonstrate pack mentality in the home so your dog will feel more secure and not express dominant behaviour.

A Triumph Over Adversity or Just a Dog being a Dog?

One thing K9 Magazine loves about dogs is their ability to get on in life and not let obvious disadvantages stand in their way. We meet Jake, a Labrador Cross, who at 6 months old fell out of a moving car and had to have his front leg amputated. His owner, Sue North, tells us how Jake has continued through life regardless and has a whole host of rosettes for his agility and obedience classes. His bravery and courage has no bounds. He has achieved where many humans would have just given up.

Introducing our Anxious Dog to the Modern World

For a timid dog, a new home can be something very daunting. The new sights, sounds and smells can be frightening. Our writer explains why he decided to rescue a timid and shy Terrier cross called Mutley and what challenges and rewards lay ahead.

Why I have Given Away Five Dogs Who Loved Me

Guide dogs are a life line to those who use them Who are the people who spend time training the puppies during the formative months to assess and develop its suitability as a guide dog? Kerry Smith tells us how she has raised four dogs to be Guide Dogs and is currently on her fifth. Even though not all the dogs have made the grade, she speaks of the rewards she gets when she hears how one of her dogs is helping somebody live their life.

How Many Is Too Many To Care For?

Whether its companionship we crave, or an extension to a family; a dog can become an easy solution to fill the space within the a household. We explore the reasons some dog owners may be finding it a little hard to cope with a large number of dogs. Factors in this may be space in the home, cost and time. We also discover how some people cannot think of life without a large number of dogs. A simple love for the animals coincide with a need for companionship.

A History of The Dog Owner

The course of the dog owner has been informed and shaped by his needs and that of his dog. We explore how over the years, dogs have shaped the way we live our lives. Most experts believe that wolves were to first animal to be tamed by man and over the centuries have evolved into the many breeds of today.

What makes us dog owners Tick?

Dogs..they come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, colours and temperaments. We explore what it is that really makes us dog owners tick. What is it that dogs do that bring so much to our lives?

Interview with Emma Quinlan

Emma Quinlan is an Irish model and dancer and has graced the stage since her teens and had performed as snake charmer and burlesque dancer. She chats to K9 Magazine about her two Golden Retrievers, Cracker and Coco. She also tells us about her extended animal family of snakes, lizards and horses.

K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel

K9 Magazine puts readers in tough with animal experts. Dr Vav Simon answers a readers question about if it is time to let her older dog go after her dog has developed congestive heart failure.

Pet Friendly Autos – Renault Megane Scenic

The Renault Megane Scenic has got space, versatility and fuel economy. Does it have the same benefits as Japanese or German counterparts? The Scenic is a reasonable choice of car if you have got dogs in your family. It is very spacious and has easily removable seats for any larger dogs.

A View From Taiwan

Taiwan is a densely populated island east of China’s shore. We look into the countries stray city dogs and how they are viewed as a burden upon urban life. We also look into charity organisations who are trying to end the pain and suffering of these dogs and their plight for them to lead a better life.

Rescue You, Rescue Me

We take a look into a rehabilitation programme in an Ohio prison where rescue dogs from the local SPCA are trained by the inmates. We learn of the bonds both dog and inmates share and how both parties go on to lead better lives.

Seoul Food – Is Dog Still on the Menu?

In the build up to the 2002 Japan-Korea world cup, we ran an expose on the trade and culture of dog meat in South Korea. We now explore if the situation has improved over the last 6 years. We see the cultures differences between the younger and older generations. Young adults are now buying dogs as fashion accessories and eating dog is seen as a great taboo. Whilst older generations are still visiting back street restaurants where dog is still on the menu. Dog meat, is now illegal and sooner or later the collective conscience of Seoul’s youth will see the end of it.

Should We Tell Mother Her Dog Was Killed?

Rosa Peve is a Spanish dog lover and writer. She tells K9 Magazine that she adopted a Yorkshire Terrier called Lolailo who captured the hearts of her older parents and Aunt. She decided to let the dog live with them as he was a great companion, friend and protector. But one day a visitor to the house killed Lolailo because he thought he was a pest and bothering the old woman. How was Rosa to tell her mother that the dog was now dead?

Is the Dangerous Dogs Act working?

In a landmark move, the RSPCA and the Kennel Club have called for a repeal of the controversial Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act. In 1991 after a series of dogs attacks, certain breeds were not allowed to be owned in the UK. But this breed specific flaw has raised concerns as dog attacks are still happening in the UK. We explore how looking at the bigger picture rather than just the breed may help reduce the number of dog attacks. There are many factors that can contribute to dog bites – environment, training, owner capability, responsibility and knowledge.

Legal Advice for Dog Owners

Tina Hay is a criminal defence solicitor with a wealth of experience in dog related manners. She answers some of our readers questions about their legal rights with dog ownership and guides them through how they would stand in court.

Meet Your Dogs Unwelcome Guest – The Canine Parasite

It is imperative that modern dog owners are armed with the knowledge to spot the presence of parasites before they outstay their welcome and cause discomfort for our dog. It is an unfortunate fact that the domestic dog will encounter some form of parasite throughout his life. We look into the main parasites including; fleas, nematodes and cestosa (worms), Acarine (ticks, mange and mites). We find out what they are, what they do to your dog and how they can be prevented.

The Grass That’s Always Green

Fed up with muddy paws in the house and big bare patches on your lawn in the summer? Then artificial grass may be the answer. We look at the benefits of having an artificial lawn installed in your garden.

A Kuwait Therapy Dog

Rusty the Dalmatian is a therapy dog providing canine care at the main military hospital in Kuwait. He is part of the Pets as Therapy programme that provides healthy, temperament tested dogs to hospitals and hospices all over the world. Rusty is part of a programme where Rusty bonds with injured soldiers on the ward. His owners tell us how he is friendly, patient, caring and gentle with everyone he meets.

K9 Magazine Book Club – Dogs Funny Side Up by Nola Lee Kelsey

Treat yourself to this year’s wildest read for domestic animal lovers from Nola Lee Kelsey. From Utah’s Best Friends Sanctuary (Nat Geo’s ‘Dogtown’) to the temples of Northern Thailand, Kelsey’s knack for recounting uproarious yet bizarrely educational tales offers readers an outrageously fresh perspective on the world of animal rescue and a life spent among man’s best friend.

So You Want To Be A Pet Carer?

The pet sector is one of the most desirable career paths for a lot of people – which is why there is stiff competition for minimal positions. One way those that desire a professional life dedicated to animals can achieve their dream is by setting up on their own. There are numerous ways pet lovers can put their business skills to use in the commercial sector, but one of the easiest and most successful methods is by becoming part of an existing brand – a pet franchise. But setting up in business requires a lot more than many people realise; accounting, employment law and
insurance responsibilities are just three of the less exciting, but crucial business areas that are often
overlooked in the early stages of going in to business. But there are options available for any start up pet business owner to take care of the necessary arrangements without the hassle.

Me and My Dog with Gail Emms

Gail is an Olympic and Commonwealth badminton player and has achieved a host of medals throughout her successful career. She talks to us about her beloved West Highland White Terrier Rafa. She tell K9 Magazine how Rafa keeps her active since now retiring from professional sports.

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