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Kidney disease in dogs is one of the canine health concerns that more and more of our readers are asking about.

You know, they often say that one of the few downsides to a dog is that they are only here for such a short time – one of the things we, as owners, strive for every day is to extend our dog's life and improve the quality of it.

Thanks to our pals at K9 Magazine we can now recommend you take a look at their truly engaging and informative special report on kidney problems in dogs which you can download here:

In it you will learn:

  • How to spot the symptoms of dog kidney disease
  • Living with a dog with kidney disease
  • Understanding the management of canine kidney problems
  • The difference between kidney failure and kidney disease
  • How to identify the early warning signs of dog kidney problems

You can also listen to an MP3 extract of the article before you get the report.

Go get the report here.

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