i want to reward him when he brings it to me, but how do you get him to bring it? he takes it out of my hand, reward, then i throw it and he runs over and sniffs it. i dont think he understands that he is supposed to bring it back. any help would be great.


  1. Texas Rottie

    First you need to teach your dog to fetch. Use a ball. Then you can chain it to bringing a can or something else. You teach small behaviors then chain them together to get your final result, which is bringing you a beer. I doubt the dog is going to stop and drink the beer before bringing it to you. My dog brings about anything and loves to get the towels from the bathroom and take them to the laundry room. Of course it pays her to do so, she get’s a treat.

  2. sonya813

    I hope you have a smart dog… the name of the breed might be a good thing to give if you know what it is. certain breeds have certain tips to training them. Some are difficult and some are easy.
    If your dog already knows how to fetch (I recommend he/she knows fetch first) Then probably put some yummy smell or taste on the can so the dog will learn to pick it up. Make sure it doesn’t eat it. You need to be very careful because the dog might ruin your beer… or the beer may ruin your dog.. depends on which you like best.
    Also the can might be too big for the dog’s mouth or he/she may not like the taste of the tin.

  3. Rosalie

    cool idea, but very dangerous, and could kill your dog.
    If your dog decided to drink any of it, it could make his stomach bloat – which can kill him in under an hour- and often, people don’t realize it’s happening for a while, even when they’re sober.
    If that doesn’t do it, the alcohol will…
    I’m sorry to be such a buzz kill – but better the buzz than your buddy.

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