We found the kitten outside, but he has a bad flea problem, we washed him today {woohoo} And when we got to his face his cheeks were black with fleas. Is there an alternative flea medication for kittens that age, How do I make it or what is it?
Kitten weighs about 3 pounds and is 10 inches long. Bad flea trouble, I asked my girlfriend and she doesn’t know what to do either.


  1. Jess

    If the kitten is three pounds, then he is way older than 4-6 weeks. Usually they weight two pounds at 8 weeks and 2.5 at 10 weeks, so the kitten is probably about twelve weeks. You should definitely take it to the vet to get checked out. He will get vaccinated, dewormed, and deflead with proper medication.

  2. alyssia n

    Go to the vet and get spray on frontline. Over the counter stuff doesnt work. Bathing doesnt work either because the fleas can breathe through your pets skin. Put the frontline on the kittens by putting a small amount in your hands and rubbing the kitties and mom. The vaccum your house with a flea collar in the vaccum bag so the fleas will die in there, then dump he bag. Do this a few times and clean any blankets/sheets the cats may lay on due to eggs.it may take a few days and a cupple times vaccuuming but it will do the trick
    Ps dont use flea collars around their necks it only takes care of the fleas around the neck so the fleas will migrate to the butt, also over the counter products like hartz that are not perscribed by vets can kill your cat. get stuff from your vet

  3. Diabetes Articles

    Use a tearless shampoo (Jonhson&Johnson baby shampoo is great) to bathe your kitten regularly until he is 8 weeks old so you may apply frontline to him. In the meantime visit your vet for a product called capstar, a pill he can receive at his current age and body weight, which will take care of the majority of the fleas on him. The frontline will take 3 months to reach maximum potency, but in the meantime the fleas’ lifecycle will break down and in several months your home will be flea-free. Make sure to vacuum often and treat any other pets you have.

  4. lt4827

    You can go to the vet and get a product called capstar(it will kill all fleas on the kitten in under 4 hours and has no residual capability), safe for kittens that weigh over 2 lbs….. kittens usually gain about 1 lb per month, so if weighing 3 lbs is around 3 mo old and safe to use Frontline or Revolution, or Advantage……please get these products from a vet, do not get hartz over the counter flea meds as they do not work and could kill your kitten.

  5. cutie pie xoxo

    my cat had fleas also, first of all if you took him/her inside your home , your home now has fleas also, so no matter how much times you bathe him/her the fleas will just jump back on him/her as soon as she touches the ground. if your have tile or hardwood floor simply just sweep and give your house a good clean and the problem will be fixed if you have carpet your going to need to wash the carpet which could equal up to about 70$ when finished ,and finally as for your kitten just take her to a local groomers and ask if they give fleas baths they will take care of it for you! ( just remember to take care of your house fleas or your money was a waste)
    hope i helped!

  6. Blakelys Mommy

    Your probably gonna have to was him again…..they make flea shampoo for kittens….make sure you wash his face too b/c they are just as miserable if not more miserable than washing his face. You can also get a flea comb at walmart for cats!! Sit in the bathroom and pick them off and drown them in the toilet or take him to a vet!!!

  7. Marc & Nikkis Mom

    just go to the store and get some kitten flea shampoo. ok, when you wet the kitty the fleas usually tend to run to the head to hide so what i usually do is wet the neck first and put flea shampoo on it really quick then go from head to butt. Don’t get soap in their eyes or ears, maybe take a wash cloth with a little water and flea shampoo and wash the face and quickly rinse with water try avoiding getting water in the ears they hate that and it should be fine. You might have to do this again in about 5 days, it’s ok though. Vacuum your room/house really good and wash any bedding the kitty might of played on, this really helps and if you see some more fleas on them they should eventually die off but you can also pick them off and put them in a cup of hot water. If they seem to be sneaking out of cup just push them down a few times and they usually drown fast. Most flea shampoos have whats called a residule kill and even after ur pet is dry it continues killing fleas that might hop on ur kitty for 7-10 days. I have had pets all my life, dogs and cats & rats and this will work. No need to go to vet right now but getting the flea drops from them really helps u don’t need an appointment just walk in or order from PETSHED.COM, they’re cheaper…Good luck…Kelli

  8. Lilred

    I always found a salt water rinse with lots of salt or bath with Dawn dish soap to be effective. When washing a cat/ kitten
    it always goes easier if you DON’T put them in water !
    Use the sprayer on your sink if you have one, also putting a rubber mat or dish towel on the bottom of your sink keeps them from slipping. I have bathed many this way with few

  9. Ali

    Don’t use OTC flea medications. They can harm a cat. Take him to the vet immediately. He can become anemic and die from this. I have seen it happend before. If you can’t aford to take it to the vet, you obviously should not keep it, so if you can’t afford it, take it the shelter or police station and they will take care of it for you.

  10. marginbu

    you will need to contact a vet. They have products for very young animals but to protect your home keep the kitten confined to one spot. pick or comb any fleas you can see.
    you need to get rid of them of the kitten because they can kill a young kitten just by making it anemic

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