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    I would call the vet and ask. My guess is that a second bath with dish soap a couple days later would be fine. You need to make sure that she is staying in a flea-free environment though or she will just keep getting infested. In another couple weeks she will be old enough for proper spot treatment like Revolution.

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    I don’t know the specific answer to your question – wish I did. But I do have some other information to share.
    The reason why your kitten still has fleas is that the place where it lives still has fleas (or it is catching them from somewhere). Kittens are still learning and are not as good of groomers as adult cats, so she isn’t going to do a very good job keeping them off of her. You will have to help.
    You might have to flea-bomb your house (or at least the area where the kitten lives). In the meantime, restrict where she can go in the house to one room at the most – you don’t need her spreading them to other rooms. And don’t let her outside, because she will likely just catch them again.

  3. Connie S

    actually, if you use vet approved flea medications, you can treat her now. (DO NOT USE ANY FLEA PRODUCTS YOU GET AT THE LOCAL STORE because it can be toxic- even vet approved stuff, as it is not direct from the manufacturer so it could be counterfeit)
    I foster kittens for a local shelter, and we have been told by the rep of frontline that it is safe for newborn kittens (and I just put some on the kittens born at my house on Tuesday because I’m fighting fleas)
    We only use a few drops per kitten instead of the whole dose. Buy one vial, and put 1/3 – 1/2 of it on her now, and then in a month or when you see more fleas.
    Remember that fleas spend most of the time in the environment and only jump on the kitten for a meal. You might see fleas after treating depending on how infested your house is.
    I generally get fleas in August, and I treat all my cats and all my fosters and by September they are gone for the year. I have a feeling that this year I am going to have to treat the house as well though as I’ve seen them in the environment – which is new to me.

  4. Jessica

    i give my persian kitten a bath everyweek because she often gets fleas and well she is a persian so you have to give them baths. Anyways i usually just use people soap and sometimes a special formula which you can find some on the internet. My cat loves the baths expecially cause they are warm!

  5. brutusmo

    The fleas you see today were EGGS……3 weeks ago!!
    As long as there are fleas in the house, you’ll never get all of them off the kitten! You need to TREAT the house!
    Go to the store and get some 20 Mule Team Borax. Sprinkle this all over the carpet, under sofa, along walls, etc…..and brush DOWN INTO the nap, so that you can’t see it anymore. Wait a couple of days ( so the borax can dry up the existing fleas ), then vacuum THOROUGHLY and toss the v.c. bag outside in the garbage. You don’t want any eggs that you picked up to hatch out and re-infest your house.
    Wait a couple more days and REPEAT THE WHOLE PROCESS from start to finish……….including the wait for borax to dry up the fleas that have hatched in the meantime. Depending on the EXTENT of your infestation, you may have to do this treatment a few times. It works, but it takes time and commitment. However, it is SAFE for the animals and people……don’t have to leave the house, or wash dishes, etc.
    There’s always the possibility that the fleas are coming into your home from outside……yard, other animals, pant legs, etc……so, you may want to treat your yard, too.
    Hope this helps………Good luck.

  6. nicoleis

    I found kittens that the vet guesstimated were 4 1/2 weeks old and they gave them capstars. They’re 5 bucks apiece and kill all fleas in 20 minutes, works for 24 hours.

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