The kittens are only four days old and I am wondering how long does it take to get rid of the fleas and can I get rid of them from the kittens and mother cat successfully without harming them?


  1. Heidi

    Take all the cats to the vet. They probably can’t do flea treatment on the babies right now because they’re so young, but they should be getting their first checkups anyway. You’ll also get a prescription treatment (or shot from the vet) for the mommy. This is very important because fleas cause tapeworms, and that can make all of your cats very sick (not to mention potentially infecting the people in the house.)
    Make sure to ask the vet for advice on getting rid of the fleas in the house, and treatment for the babies, in the meantime.
    DO NOT attempt to give the cats a flea treatment from the supermarket (Hartz, etc.) These products have been known to KILL cats. It happened to my friend. Don’t do it. If you can’t afford the vet, you shouldn’t have the cats. Give them to a shelter where they can be healthy.

  2. dapunkin

    Flea collars usually only take care of the fleas near their head. It doesn’t reach the tail area like topical meds do. However, it is unsafe to use any flea products such as Advantage, Frontline, etc. on the kittens until they are older. Flea collar might be your best option.
    Please do not buy anything at Walmart or Kmart, such as Hartz or Sergents. There are many cases of toxicity reported after pet owners used these products.

  3. wifilly

    Touchy situation with new kittens. Most treatments are not appropriate until kits are 8 weeks old or better. Treating just the mother may harm the kits as well. I’d call your vet or any vet and inquire what could be used safely. The fleas can make a newborn kitten quite sick if left untreated!
    As to flea collars….I do not believe they are the safest or ideal flea control…..there are several topical, once a month flea preventatives available for cats that I sincerley believe would be a better and safer choice for your cat. Cheapest and newest one is Bio-Spot for cats…can be purchased at pet stores as can other well-known brands that have been around longer.

  4. Free Wordpress Plugins

    actually flea collars are a big waste of money. not only can they make your cat sick, but if a child gets the powder on their hands and then in their mouth it can be toxic. also it can irritate the cats neck and skin, and they could have all kinds of reactions. flea collars are never a good idea for you or your cat. products like Frontline plus are the best and last alot longer. hope that helps. depending on how old the kittens are there are products like flea wipes that you can buy at your vets office. you will need to talk to your vet to find out exactly how old the kittens have to be though. good luck

  5. Siamese-

    flea collars dont work, they only keep the fleas off of the neck, no place else, get the momma some frontline, and then give her a Capstar pill, this will get passed on to the kittens, and if mom has fleas the babies have them too, probably sense they were born

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