my cat had kittens yesterday and now they have fleas how long do i have to wait before i can treat them. One of them is so little im worried about the fleas killing. How long til i can treat them and How should i do it ?


  1. Blue

    Best to call the vet asap, get advice or you might have to take them to the vet to be treated. Fleas can be deadly to kittens, but some flea medications can be too.

  2. Crystal A

    The fleas won’t kill them if the infestation isn’t to bad. Most fleas shampoos you can’t use until the kittens are at least 12 weeks. Not sure about vet prescribed stuff but I think it’s based on there weight. If your really concerned about the fleas you can bathe them in blue dawn but you have to wait a few weeks since at this stage the kittens can’t regulate their own body temp yet. Ask a vet for advice but when my kittens had fleas they where okay until they where old enough to get flea bath or a topical flea product. It’s not abuse if your cat has fleas like someone else said. My kittens got fleas because my roommates cat got them from outside and my cat is a indoor cat. Not to mention I live in south Florida where the flea battle is a all year thing here. Just keep an eye on them and momma, if momma starts loosing a lot of weight and not eating enough to sustain herself and the kittens bring them all to the vet asap. then you have a problem. Good Luck and enjoy the babies!

  3. Lynn H

    you have to be very careful about treating new born kittens for fleas. There are some special products that you can use sparingly by putting it on a cloth and rubbing it on their fur. You can only treat the mother with the same. Call your vet and ask them for a recommendation.
    Fleas can drain away the strength in a little kitten but are unlikely to kill them unless there is a severe infestation and they are swarming over them.

  4. hudsongr

    To be absolutely sure you’re not going to poison the kittens, call a vet and ask them. They’re the professionals.
    In the meantime take a comb with close tines (a metal flea comb is best) and gently comb the fleas out of the kittens, and push the insects into a glob of vasoline (it holds them and suffocates them). You can at least get what’s on them sort of removed. Kittens can’t be ‘full’ of fleas for very long, they’ll go anemic if it’s a heavy infestation.

  5. brutusmo

    Tomorrow, take mom and the kittens to the vet, and let them “treat” everyone.
    You’ll need to treat your house (yard, too, if cats go outside), or the fleas will just get right back on.
    Unlike what someone else said………the kittens can / will be hurt. by the fleas…..before 6 wks is up. Do not wait that long to get rid of the fleas!
    A severe infestation of fleas can DRAIN the blood right out of a kitten. So, don’t wait to have them doctored.
    Good luck…………….

  6. Kady

    Yes, the fleas can kill the kittens… but hey, now that you let your cat have kittens, thats about 5-10 cats/kittens that are going to be euthanized in the shelter now anyways thanks to you, and your irresponsibility. Why couldn’t you have actually taken care of your cat and had her spayed?

  7. Nancy Jayne

    I heard that you can wash them in apple cidar vinegar, I used some on 3 week old kittens and aside from hating to be bathed, they were none the worse and it works well for killing fleas. Look for flea powders too, you can usually use that on kittens.

  8. Kimmy-j

    don’t be worried, the fleas wont kill them, they’ll be fine, when they are six weeks you can put advantage or frontline on them, but just double check the instructions, don’t put any on the mum cat while she’s feeding the kittens

  9. lisacat

    Damn thats gross………hey guys u know what this means right… means that this person hasn’t been taking care of her cat! You should have treated the mommy cat for fleas long ago! neglect!

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