my cat has loads of fleas and her favourite place to sleep is my bedroom, and they are crawling all around it. I can’t stop her sleeping in there because whenever I move her she just comes back. Please do not sugest getting rid of my cat, I love her more than anything.How do I get rid of them?


  1. antisys t

    Take the cat to the groomer or vet for a bath and dip, mean while spray your house with a pet safe flea killer, wash all bedding and treat the carpet. If you love your cat you must get the fleas off her, they might cause health issues later on and can carry lime desease. Is she inside all the time?? If she goes out then you will also need a pet spray to keep them away after you have got her dipped. Ask your vet if there is a 3 month thing of drops to put on here neck. Good luck, home you can do it soon.

  2. Camperdown T

    You put this on you, NOT your cat: PEPPERMINT OIL OR TEA TREE OIL (the pure real stuff, not the diluted oil-burner variety) – in a spray bottle with some water and shake before each use – spray your mattress and lightly spray your bedding including between the sheets before you get in each night. Spray your ankles and body with it too. Treating the cat for fleas and the house too is an obvious necessity. But fleas can be tough to get rid of and it can take time and determination, especially in warmer climates. At least in the meantime the peppermint oil solution will repel them from your sleeping area.

  3. redhotge

    flea treatment you buy at the store
    3tubes for 3 months
    protects against fleas flea eggs and ticks

  4. Lonely Girl 66

    First go to the vet and buy a pack of advantage flea ointment for cats ‘you just go in and buy it from the desk.NOW GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE AND GET 3FLEA BOMBS FOR YOUR HOUSE,,,PUT THE FLEA OINTMENT ON KITTY,, NOW GET KITTY OUT OF BEDROOM AND SET BOMB OFF WITH WINDOWS SHOT AND DOOR SHUT WITH NO ONE IN THERE,, 3HOURS LATER GO IN AND OPEN WINDOWS AND BOMB THE LIVING ROOM AS FLEAS GO TO OTHER ROOMS ALSO.DO LIKE THE BROOM AND SHUT DOORS AND WINDOWS,STAY IN BROOM WITH KITTY 3 HOURS TILL BOMBS AIR OUT,,now you have to wash all bedding and air pillows outside…with all these steps fleas will be gone ‘but you have to get advantage every month so you don;t get re- infested,,,, good luck.

  5. Student1

    You can either take her to the vet or a pet groomer for a “flea bath”, or do it yourself. You can go to places like walmart, or petsmart. You can buy powder, shampoo, and spray to prevent more fleas.

  6. zoomat45

    did the whole cat into a flea bath solution, then let it sit for 15 mins and rinse. Do it every 5 days for as long as it takes to get rid of fleas that will hatch on the carpet and jump back onto the cat. Do a lot of vacuuming. I hate fleas!!!!!!

  7. Pearl N

    First get to vet and get her some advantage, some vets will sell just one and it will cost about 15.00 dollars. Put it on her and it will kill the fleas right away. Then go to a pet store and but Nobles diatom dirt. Wash all of your linens and sprinkle your bed with the diatom dirt. Also if there is one flea in the house they’re most likely everywhere to lightly dust the carpets and floors and let it sit about four days then vaccuum and scrub it up. Leave the diatom dirt in your mattress and just put two clean sheets over it. Empty the vaccuum and put the bag outside right away diatom dirt kill the eggs fleas lay as welll that’s why you must leave a few days. Good luck please get the proper medication for your cat she must be so itchy and suffering from it. Good luck.

  8. piratequ

    If you go to your vet and ask for something for fleas they will give it to you. Or go to a pet store and buy something there for it. When you get that you put the liquid or powder on the back of you cats neck. You do this because he cant lick there so he wont get poisened. And then you just kees doing that and your okay.

  9. Linda C

    Since the flea infestation is so severe, you need to take your cat to the vet. They’ll tell you what to use or they will apply it for you, or both. They’ll also give you recommendations on how to get rid of the fleas in your home. First of all you need to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner that has a bag you can throw away. Launder all fabric items you can, bedspread, pillows, etc. If you can’t launder them, thoroughly vacuum. Make sure there are no clothes on the floor, too. If the vet recommends a flea spray, use that in your house (don’t forget to use it on your shoes, too). You should vacuum every week, and spray again in 3 weeks to be sure you got all the fleas, even the unhatched ones. Apply Frontline to your cat once a month for three months. If your cat goes outside, remember she can get them again very easily. If a cat or dog that has fleas walks through your yard and your cat walks through the same place she can get the fleas back. If these steps don’t get rid of the fleas in your house, you need to call an exterminator. Please take this flea infestation very seriously because it can affect your cat’s health and also be a route for other parasites.
    Note: Even if you give your cat away, the fleas in the house will still be there and since their main source of food is gone, they’ll start biting you.

  10. ?

    Pretty hard to get rid of all the fleas, there are flea pills thru vets ( but be very careful, cats have their own kind of flea medicines & powders if it’s not right you can kill your cat ) but in the case of your cat if she is full of fleas I would try bathing her with a CAT flea shampoo, brush her daily with a fine tooth animal comb ( helps prevent the fur ball vomiting too ), sprinkle BORAX ( found in the laundry section of grocery stores ) on any rugs or carpeting throughout the house, let it set over night & vacuum the next day, do the boraxing weekly till you get the fleas are under control, washing your bed things will take care of the bed part. They also make nice smelling carpet sprinkle with flea killer in them JUST MAKE SURE ANYTHING YOU USE IS CAT SAFE, it will say so on the containers ( of course if you go to a vet for flea stuff, they will know what can be used for & on cats ) If the cat goes outside you have to continure this thruout flea season, warm weather !!!

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