My current apartment is infested and is being treated for fleas. My cat is treated with frontline and I already used a bomb once and will be bombing again this week. I am planning to move to a new and better apartment but don’t want to bring the problems with me. What should I do to prevent this from happening again over there. Should I treat the new apartment once I move my furniture there? Thanks a lot for any help.


  1. maamu

    My son’s outside Rottweiler was brought in my house and he brought his fleas with him. I have had dogs for years and never experienced fleas in my home before. This was incredible…and not in a good way.
    I tried the bombs. No improvement. More bombs..still fleas. So then I went to searching the web.
    I read about Borax (in the laundry aisle of the supermarket). Sprinke it on your carpet and let it stand for as long as possible. I also read about table salt and also sprinkling that on the carpet and letting it stand. So I did both at the same time. I put it down at night, tiptoed around the next morning to get ready for work and let it set that day too. I then came home and vacuumed.
    By now I was too nuts to just wait and see if that worked by itself. So I bought some bug spray called TAT–real cheap stuff, available at the dollar store. It stated it killed fleas. So now that the carpet was nice and clean, I sprayed all the carpeting with TAT. I then took my little dog and stayed out of the house until the spray dried on the carpet (about 2 hours).
    This process worked. I am not sure if it was the Borax, the salt, or the TAT insecticide, but those nasty little creatures are now in flea heaven. By the way, the 3 punch round of Borax, salt, and TAT costs less than just ONE of the bomb treatements (that didn’t work anyway).
    You have to remember to vaccum everyday though, even after it seems the last flea has disappeared. The eggs are tough to kill, so they must be vaccumed, and vacuumed, and vaccumed. The Borax/salt/TAT didn’t affect my little 4 pound dog, who cleans herself like a cat. But it certainly affected the fleas. Flea free now for 40 days!

  2. Stormy

    Before you move in any furniture, set off a bug bomb just to prevent anything that’s already there from getting on your possessions.
    Right before you move out of your other apartment, set off two bug bombs. Afterward, move all of your stuff to the new apartment. All the fleas should be gone by then.
    Also, make sure to wash your blankets, rugs, curtains, etc before you move in. Vaccum the floor (if you have carpet) often.
    You may also want to buy a flea collar for your cat, along with the frontline. I know with my dogs, front line can’t work alone.
    Basically, if you keep your new apartment clean and your cat stays up to date on his/her flea medicine, you shouldn’t have many fleas. If you have pets though, you will have the occasional flea…it’s inevitable.
    Good luck.

  3. simplybr

    I think you should treat your furniture, wash all your bedding, and maybe have your cat dipped, just to be sure.

  4. ?

    We use Ortho home defense. Spay all your window seals,baseboards, and carpet before you move in. Reapply every 6 months. It works great.

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