I just realised my dog had a flea on her belly last night, so she’s now on medication.
My vet said it is possible for dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) to attach onto the carpet, clothing, bed, etc. and get stuck in human hair! The vet said there’s a possibly that eggs can be in my hair and will hatch in the springtime. I’m worried that I might have fleas…
what should I do to find out if I have some or not?


  1. family guy free

    You probably don’t have flea eggs stuck on you because you would have long since washed them out.
    Now, fleas will hide anywhere that is fuzzy, and will bite anything that has blood. So if you have big bites chances are pretty good it is fleas.
    You will need to get aggressive about getting rid of them. Since you have your dog on medication, that’s a big part right there. Close her in a flea-free room: Bathrooms are usually good. I don’t like the idea of using bug bombs because the residue would be poisonous and would get into me and the pets. But there are powders that are very good for killing fleas and flea eggs. Get one of them and sprinkle it on your carpet and furniture while you’re washing your bedding. Let the powder sit about 20 minutes, then vacuum it up. Keep vacuuming every day for at least 2 weeks. If you can’t find a powder, powderred laundry detergent or borax is a good substitute.
    You may want help treating your yard for fleas. But after that, there should be no further flea trouble.
    Good luck!

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    Fleas are not that big of a deal; although, my pets are flea-free since they are indoors most of the time. There are all kinds of great over-the-counter flea treatments for your dog. Don’t be overly concerned that they have migrated to you. You will know it because you’ll see them. Didn’t you ask your vet what he suggested?

  3. baby shih tzu

    put a white paper plate down on your carpet, if you have fleas they will jump on the plate..or you could put on white socks..it seems to attract them

  4. riverofm

    fleas do not stay on humans.. they bite and jump off.. never heard of humans having fleas in their hair.. and i lived many many moons..

  5. Em W

    It has happened to me too. Use dog shampoo. It really works! Just make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. Ask your vet and a hair spacialist if that doesn’t work.

  6. fishead

    Fleas don’t “live” on animals. They jump on, get food, lay eggs and jump off. If you’re a reasonably clean person (no offense intended), you’ve no worries. Your house might be another thing. Walk around wearing white socks, even white sweat pants. If they’re there, they’ll show up as dots that appear easily against the white background. Your vet or pet store can hook you up with any of several good products to kill them. Remember two doses of whatever you use. First one to kill the living, 3 days later to kill the eggs that hatched.

  7. HaoliGir

    Fleas don’t live on you but they will jump on you and bite, it leaves itchy spots, really annoying. Don’t worry about it, hope you never get head lice, then your gonna freak out.

  8. monro15

    my dog has fleas and no you cannot get fleas..at least i haven’t yet for one reason you only have hair on your head and not the rest of your body. Most people don’t bathe their dog daily and you do take baths daily so if you did get fleas in your hair then you would most likely wash them out. you would most likely have them in your house and it is a pain in the butt to get them out. I usually have to wait until winter and they usually die out in the house but not on my dog.

  9. Porpoise

    My dogs have had recurring cases of fleas that could not be treated by anything effectively other than Advantage. I spent well over $200 trying to get rid of them, including spraying carpet, the yard, bathing the dogs 2x a week, and vacuuming semi-daily. They just kept coming back.
    However, I would occasionally find eggs in my hair, it was at night or wake up to one crawling across my leg (dogs sleep on the bed). You’ll easily get rid of them when you shampoo your hair, as they don’t stick in one place for very long, and the eggs will all wash out of your hair…
    In the meantime, use advantage immediately. My infestation went away as soon as I used advantage, and I saw a flea about 3 weeks later, put it in my hand to see if the stuff works, and he was jerking around in circles, obviously messed him up good. The cheap neck stuff works about a week, and while the shampoo is good for killing the fleas immediately, if you hadn’t noticed the fleas immediately, or have an infestation nextdoor, the only way to get rid of them is to make sure that if they feed they die… and the advantage will take car of that.

  10. Free Wordpress Plugins

    Hiya Queen of diamonds,
    1st of all Change your vets, its natural for your dog to get fleas, the meds you have will take care of that, if your vet new his business, he would know that fleas only live for 3 days, yes they multiply (thats why we get them fleadrops) but to say that you could get them, absoluty rubbish, stupid, stupid, vet…. 🙂

  11. dalmatia

    if their where flea eggs in your hair you would be able to see them. Lice are smaller than fleas and if you have somebody look in your hair they would be able to see them. even if you did have fleas, they wouldn’t stay on very long. They bite and jump to a different body.

  12. Kevin

    I believe my dogs had fleas too. But trust me use dog shampoo and conditioner it’ll help if your dog have fleas right now wash him/her about 3 times right now it’ll stop and try to take her another one again the next day until she stops having fleas and then clean yourself everyday carefully and your safe.

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