They are black and small, but they are not fleas, since they are not jumping around her, but they are running across her skin, under her fur. I want too know what these little things are, so I can tell the vet what they are tomorrow. They are making my dog scratch her anal area, where is where they mostly hide. She has also been scratching her ears a lot, but she has always done that, just not as much.


  1. TrainTra

    Um, flea larvae. Clearly, they are not fleas. The asker has identified the things are worms that are crawling. That does not sound like fleas.
    It’s flea larvae. Give her a bath with flea shampoo, flea comb her and use frontline. Problem solved.

  2. audryh

    I am pretty sure you are seeing fleas.
    There really aren’t any other ecto parasite that is small and black that you would see. There are ones that are microscopic but you wouldn’t see them. The worms seen in pets are intestinal not dermatological. Unless it is just something that I have never seen before???
    Before you go to the vet try to get a couple and put in a ziploc. A lot of times fleas especially will hide in the bright lights of an exam room and so if you can get a couple do, and bring with you to the vet.

  3. Red Pony

    I think they actually are fleas. The only time fleas jump is to get on or off the dog. Once they’re on the dog, they try to stay there to feed off her blood and they will run through the skin and fur as you describe if they’re disturbed. They will also run to any opening, ears, nose, anus, etc. to hide. But since you are taking her to the vet tomorrow, he’ll be able to positively identify them and prescribe something for you.

  4. love my goldens

    It sounds as if they are fleas, as on a dog’s coat, fleas run rather than jump. Actually, they do both, but it is the running that you would witness.
    As you are planning on taking your dog to the vet tomorrow, why not let him tell you exactly what it is and how to treat for it?

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