My dog has fleas, but his usual medication isn’t working! I usually give him a bath then put the medication down his back. It hasn’t been working and he itches like crazy still! I sprayed him with some flea spray stuff but that didn’t work either. Does anyone know anything else I could try?


  1. Vicki J

    .Advantage, a spot-on liquid that contains imidacloprid, kills fleas currently on the dog within 12 hours. It’s also waterproof.Revolution is a spot-on liquid that uses selamectin and is waterproof.K9 Advantix is a spot-on liquid that has imidacloprid and permethrin.Sentinel is a monthly pill that combines both a flea killer and a heartworm preventative.Program Tabs are monthly pills with lufenuron.Capstar with nitenpyram is a once-a-day pill.If it’s not workingIf, despite your best efforts, your dog’s still a flea magnet, here’s what you need to know to get rid of the infestation.
    Treat all your pets. If you have more than one animal in the house, you’ll have to treat them all to be truly rid of fleas.Treat your house. Foggers and sprays are an effective way to control fleas indoors. Most experts recommend sprays, because foggers can miss crevices where fleas hide. Choose only safe, nontoxic insecticidal sprays for indoor use. It’s also a good idea to vacuum thoroughly each week, being sure to get under cushions–a favorite flea hideout.
    Treat your yard. If you think your yard is where the fleas are coming from, you’ll need to treat it, too, with a spray product that kills fleas but is safe for pets and people


    What kind do you use? OTC brands like Hartz, Zodiac, & BioSpot are not only poisonous, but they don’t work. In some areas, Frontline & Frontline PLUS aren’t working because fleas are starting to become immune to it.
    My favorite flea control is Advantage. If I used topicals, this is what I’d use.

  3. ♥ Beardies

    Change the medication. Fleas in some areas will build up tolerance if they are exposed to the same chemicals season after season. If you’re using Frontline, try Advantage.
    After you bathe, wait 24 hours to apply the flea medication.

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