I have a Pomeranian! She is miserbly allergic to fleas! She breaks out in large welts and itches “INSANELY!” She’s ripping all her hair out in chunks! Is there anything I can do for her or give her to give her some releaf? I treat them faithfully and it works, but they still get bit when they go outside and that’s when it happens! I’ve taken her to the vet and they give her a few steroids but I don’t want to keep doing that to her! Are there any more natural products out there?


  1. Waterfall Lovin'

    you NEED to have your yard AND home sprayed for fleas. you will be fighting a never ending battle if you don’t!
    keep up with the flea prevention. and make sure that she gets a good bath twice a week to help with the irritation…with an Oatmeal shampoo.
    poor baby girl!

  2. email encryption

    Depends, are you someone who wants to use natural products?
    The best way to treat fleas is to get the lawn treated w/ flea control pesticides, flea bomb the house, clean and flea treat the bedding of where the animal sleeps and spends most of its time. Then you need to treat the dog itself. If you are serious about getting them off her asap, go to a store and buy a flea and tick spray called Adams Flea and Tick mist. What you do is you spray it all over the dog (watch out for her eyes!) including her head since that is where all the fleas go. Make sure that you apply it all over her coat, including the under coat (I have a pom too!) You don’t rinse it off. It will generally kill them off within 10 minutes or less. The next day, you need to give her a bath that treats fleas and ticks such as Hartz that you can buy in any walmart or walgreens or any other 24 hour store (cheap, hence why I suggested it). This will get rid of the bodies and flea dirt and leave her feeling better. Then the next day you need to apply a flea product. Advantage works well. Another one that I personally like is Revolution, but thats due to the fact that I don’t have to buy heartworm preventative then. Good luck!
    An oatmeal or creame rinse would work to soothe or aloe. Don’t give her benedryl!

  3. WP Autoblog Software

    A flea colar, an oatmeal bath, brush her hair as soon as you get home from a walk (out side a lil’ bit away from ur door) Treat ur yard and keep doing the sterariods the vet gave you. and it is prob best that you do the same i had to do with my yorkie. ! time a month put some on the lil’ baby girls back it get rids and prevents fleas. also try changing your dog shampoo cause ull use it alot. 1 a time a week. the first week a fleaa bath there is special shampoo. U’ll have to use it on you too. cause the fleas will now b in ur rug, couch, on u, and everything u or ur dog touched. so after flea bathing u and ur dogs scrub down ur furnater with it too. srry I know its alot of work but it will work.

  4. Camel Toezzz

    Your little dog will die soon from fatigue and infection if you dodnt get the poor thing to a vet now . needs a shot , needs special medicated shampoo, most of all needs Frontline as prescribed .
    Seek a Veterinarian now .
    * I have two 7 yr old Shittzoos and one 13 yr old mix shepard
    i live in Missouri where fleas and ticks are abundent
    i no longer have any flea are tick problems now for 6 yrs sents i started using Frontline. I swear by it worth the money GoodLuck

  5. Stephani

    I have a Pomeranian as well, and I also have a Pekingese. I was going through the exact same thing as you. My Pekingese is also allergic to fleas, and the vet gave me medicine to give him. It didn’t work. I’ve tried multiple shampoos, medicines, itch cream to put on him, and nothing worked. I treated my yard, and that didn’t work either. I didn’t have any fleas in my house, and just in case I treated it multiple times as well. The fleas just kept coming back. Well, I ended up moving to another apartment because the rent was better and closer to family. I treated my new yard, and my apartment just to start things off right for my dogs. Everything is fine with them now. No fleas and no irritation on them. It is kind of weird, but I think it is just the area you live in. Where I used to live the fleas were just awful, and you couldn’t get rid of them, but at my new place they are easy to get rid of. I really hope that you can figure something out because I know it is hard to watch your dog suffer when there isn’t hardly anything you can do about it. I just hope you don’t have to move.

  6. psstoffa

    An old trick to get rid of fleas was to put a half a bottle of listerine and a half a bottle of shampoo and mix them together.. Pour it over the dog ( best done in a bathtub and you may not use all of it if the dog is small) and lather it up. Let it sit for about 15 minutes ( keep the dog in the tub) and then rinse THOROUGHLY. Then feed your dog some garlic in its food every day..
    Other than that try adavntage.. It is the best stuff in the world for stopping fleas..

  7. levity

    ask the vet if she could be shaved, so the fleas can’t hide as well, also, the vet should be doing something more than that since the problem persists so bad, does the vet recommend the anti-flea drops once a month? seek a new vet is what I’m really saying, your dog could be at risk of heartworm if not treated properly and obviously very uncomfortable poor puppy…could she be an indoor pup? you can house train on a potty pad, at least during the summer…some flea bathes are dangerous for small animals (like cat size Heartz flea dip almost killed my cat) also, if you wash her, be sure to start on her neck and around her rump since fleas like to hide in ears and rearend when you’re bathing your pup…good luck

  8. jardin

    I don’t know if there are an natural products.
    Frontline plus is great.
    you will need to clear your house of fleas also.
    Talk to your vet.

  9. geet840

    The most important way to help your dog is to fix the flea problem all together…take the dog to the groomers for a flea dip, talk to the vet about a monthly flea treatment and also bomb every inch of your house….
    Stop this problem at the source…

  10. sweetsin

    My Golden Retriever had the same problem. I had to take him to the Vet several times for histamine & prenisone injections. After he passed (he was 13), I got another dog. I give him garlic capsules (they are liquid in a gel-cap- just poke with a needle & squirt the garlic oil on his food) . He loves it & it keeps fleas away (probably vampires, too, but I don’t think we have those nearby- Ha!). Also, when he does get any skin irritations, I clip the hair on that area & put antibiotic/antifungal ointment (same stuff I use on my son), and that helps heal it and keeps infection away.

  11. Allison G

    Is she on a monthly flea treatment? If no, she should be. K-9 Advantix, Frontline, even an OTC treatment would be better than nothing. Definitely have your yard and home sprayed. Definitely give her a flea and tick dip. Pick up a flea comb at the pet store, and use it to remove fleas (you have to drown the fleas in soapy water to kill them, though). You might also want to try bathing her every two weeks with a gentle skin-soothing dog shampoo (usually something with oatmeal, aloe, etc). You can also ask your vet about giving her Benadryl. If you can’t give her the pills, try using the Benadryl itch gel directly on her skin. Just don’t let her lick it off… obviously.
    Hope that helps!

  12. Jared R

    I had the same problem with my dog. Nothing worked on him,and this went on forever. Then,I heard of this stuff called Borax. It is a multi purpose household cleaner. I found it at my local grocery store in the detergent section. I know it sounds weird, but I was desperate. I heard that if you sprinkle (it’s powdered) this stuff all over your carpet, scrub it in real good, let it sit and absorb for a while, then you vacuum it up it keeps fleas away from your house and kills the ones that may be there. I wasn’t sure if it would work, BUT IT DID WORK!! After I put that stuff on my carpet the fleas situation got better and better, until all the fleas were gone. So, hurry and run out to the grocery store because it REALLY DOES WORK! My dog is so happy now.

  13. WP Robot

    I give my dog small pieces of fresh garlic as a treat or in his food. Can wrap the garlic in cheese sometimes. The fleas don’t bother him when I keep giving it to him every day.
    Try a drop or 2 of apple cider vinegar in his water bowl. Or try bathing him in vinegar.
    Give flea meds & bathe in flea shampoo regularly. Wear a flea collar. Spray the outside of your home with bug killer.
    Flea life cycle is around 2 weeks, so have to keep repeating all your applications during the season.

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