I have a 10 yo bassett hound with unspecified skin allergies. They seem to be excessively bad this summer. Ske is CONSTANTLY chewing and scratching om herself. I know he must be quite uncomfortable and it’s driving me nuts. She does not have any fleas and does not have flea allergy disease. I have given her benadryl up to 25mg twice a day without results. I am receptive to any and all suggestions (hoome remedies to prescriptions) that may help relieve her of her discomfort.


  1. xxxxxrac

    My dog gets this too during the summer, the vet says they are hot spots. At grocery stores and pet stores they sell stuff specificially for hot spots on dogs and it doesn’t sting them or anything. You just clean the area (or bathe the dog) and apply it to the area. Your dogs problem seems identical to mine and the solution seems to help him. Good luck!

  2. sungrove

    there are shampoos that have oatmeal in it.
    i have also read that cooking oil rubbed into skin can be releaving. brushing her and keeping her coat trimmed.
    we have had this problem and the flea one too.
    there is a anti itch shampoo and liquid meds to put on. found them at walmart.

  3. Brian P

    my pug has skin problems at times also, we use a soap with oatmeal in it. also don’t over bath him,it dries out there skin even worse. my pug also has dry spots on where his armpits would be if he were human, and we use stridex pads without alcohol for sensitive skin, you would think he would hate it but he rolls over and loves it, it seems to work well during dry months.

  4. Patrice Lauren

    I know that your vet can help, but services aren’t cheap. My last dog itching trip to the vet was over $100. for services and meds.
    First the vet will check for fleas, so it’s a good idea to give your pup a bath every week anyhow. An oatmeal soap is suggested for problem skin. There’s an oatmeal conditioner too. Bathing gives you a chance to check his skin condition. Particularly red spots may be “hot spots”. The vet shaved over the spot last time my dog had one. I know the licking and scratching can drive you crazy. The vet has “Elizabethan collars” also. It blocks scratching but is inconvient for the dog.
    If/When the vet determines the cause of itching (you already know it’s allergy, but the vet has to check) he can give a shot of steriod medication that may last as long as two months. Prednisone also comes in a pill that can be given to ease the itch.
    If pup’s miserable, consider a trip to the vet.

  5. Wordpress Autoblogging

    my weiner dog does the same thing..the vet said it is a bacterial infection and gave some chewy pills that he eats with his meals..its working pretty well and he’s not chewing anymore..so yea…its probably a bacterial infection..

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