Every time i explain what to do with housebreaking my dog and other training and i talk about the work they have to do. the just “humph”. what should i say to get them to understand they cant be lazy with dog training?


  1. ~*KyLiE*

    Well first of all it is better to have one person training the dog.
    I’m thinking that you should to all of it since your parents dont want to, but if you want them to help here are some pointers
    -tell them the carpet is doing to be ruined if they dont housebreak the dog and the longer they wait the harder it is to train the dog.
    -tell them that they need to start taking care of the dog because it will be uncontrollable if you wait for to long.
    -also talk to them about how frustrated you are of them not listening to you

  2. Brie

    all good advice. It would be good to back up your advice with some research and then show them the documentation that proves the experts agree with you. Especially if it has been awhile since they have owned a dog, methods and beliefs about dog training have changed drasticallyl over the past 10-20 years. Positive reinforcement is widely believed to work better than punishment…which was probably the preferred method when they were growing up. However, the best advice I can give you is to stop expecting your parents to train your dog for you and do it yourself. If it really is “your” dog as you say, then you should be responsible for training and housebreaking, not them.

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    I have the same problem. I put my dog through three levels of training and they complain when she won’t do what they say. It’s called working with the dog, or at least learning the correct terms and hand signals. (rolls eyes)
    My dad also disregards the “no people food” rule. Heck, he even feeds her from the kitchen counter! I smack him with a spoon if i’m near enough, or i just yell at him. I had to train her OUT of barking at him when he’s in the kitchen….
    I would just sit them down and ask them about it. IF they want nothing to do with the training then tell them – don’t expect the dog to listen to you. And let them clean up the mess when the dog goes potty in the house. That’ll teach them right quick. HAH!
    Good luck. Sometime’s older people don’t want to listen to the younger people. Can’t do anything but let them see what happens when they don’t.

  4. Elly

    My parents used to be the same way with me. What I would do is get a good book that has the same points you are trying to make, or print it out from a good online site (e.g. Humane Society). Then highlight the areas that they should focus on; and then show them that it is not just you saying it, but somebody important, e.g. a vet or an experienced book writer.

  5. Beachbun

    that’s how my dad is, but try saying something like “just a minute of training right now while let you do less in the future!”
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