How to get rid of fleas that are in my yard?


  1. pcbeachr

    The link below shows the two products I like using… I take a sack of the granuals in the bag and spread with a spreader..You can buy a hand spreader for about 10 bucks…or a push one for abnout 20….I spread the granuals..then take the spray that screws right on your garden hose and spray the whole yard..the granuals suggest that you slightly water the yard after you disense the spray gives an immediate kill of the fleas..and the granuals stay there for the next generation of eggs already laid will kill off as they hatch..I have two indoor dogs, but they go in and out as they please via a sliding door we keep open a couple feet…I use these products faithfully..also keep in mind ..if you have pets that come inside..treat your inside too with a carpet fresh flea killer made for it…

  2. Marcia

    go to a good organic nursery and get some beneficial nemades the live ones that come on a blue sponge soak the sponge in water spray the water on the yard these things work

  3. reynwate

    Diazanon distributed with a fertilizer spreader will get them. A day care center employee once told me they were allowed to use it on the playground for fleas and other undesireable insects. If you have trees and squirrels, major carriers, feral cats and dogs, and other rodents, be prepared to treat your yard regularly.

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