I do vacuum a few times a week now that it is warmer and prime breeding times for fleas and, I buy advantage for my cat, but for some reason, I am ALWAYS getting flea bites like no other. Is there another way to stop these fleas from coming into the house? It seems like they manifest in my room, which is upstairs, as well. I look like I have chicken pox when it gets warm because of the FLEAS. I can’t even wear shorts outside. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



  1. Tillysbu

    Use a powerfulhousehold flea powder or spray from your local pet store, spray the entire house including bedding and furniture. Repeat this for 4-5 days.
    That should kill the blighters. We had an infestation problem when we move into our house and did this. this seemed to work a treat.
    We also washed all the carpets afterwards.
    Advantage only stops fleas on your cat. not in the house

  2. bartzan4

    Make sure to put Advantage on your cat every 30 days, on the back of it’s neck like the instructions say. For any existing fleas in carpet or even on wood floors, Sevin dust will take care of them. It is actually for the yard, and should be used there as well. Just follow the instructions, because the cat will have to stay out of the room for a bit. I have 2 cats, and fleas tear me up just like they do you. They wont touch my wife, guess I’m the tasty one…..but this has worked great for me, so try it!

  3. Toothy+P

    my advice for you is to go to the vet or the doctor and maybe they could help you. =)
    i hope that helped, good luck!

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