Is there an environmentally friendly way to get rid of fleas in the house OTHER than getting rid of the cats? I vacuum clean every day and brush the cats every day. But it has not worked.


  1. Lindsey

    Please stay away from chemical flea treatments for the house and your pet, Pyrethins are extremely toxic and have killed and sickened countless cats and dogs, they are not necessary for flea control, and often make the situation worse by sickening the animal, causing them to be even more succeptible to parasites.
    First, bathe the animal, no flea shampoo, just use a mild pet shampoo, really any soapy water will drown fleas, rinse thoroughly.
    Second, vacuum daily. Wash the pet’s bedding reguarly.
    Third, make good use of a flea comb, daily.
    You can also purchase food grade diatomaceous earth at a feed store or a natural food store. Sprinkle this lightly on the pet (try not to stir up too much dust, it can irritate the lungs), sprinkle it on floors, bedding, in the yard, anywhere that you suspect fleas. Let DE sit on the floors a few days before vacuuming it up.
    If your pet is picking up fleas outside, you can apply nematodes to your yard or diatomaceous earth.
    I have had very good luck repelling fleas by spraying my dog with a solution of 50% apple cider vinegar 50% plain water. I also add about a tsp of apple cider vinegar to his water dish per day. This is perfectly safe, and does appear to make the dog distasteful to fleas, ticks and mosquitos. My cats do not go outside, so I do not treat them, they have not picked up any fleas from the dog.
    Keep in mind that the most important aspect of parasite control is a healthy animal. Parasites are attracted to unhealthy hosts, so many people, Vets included, seem to forget this. A natural, high quality, species appropriate diet and minimal exposure to medication and chemicals, goes a long way towards having a healthy pet, who simply will not attract fleas.
    Here are a few good web sites.……
    I have also heard of using a combination of boric acid and table salt and sprinkling it everywhere. It should dry up the fleas without harming pets or people.
    Setting bowls of soapy water near light sources does seem to help too. Fleas are attracted to the light as they jump, they land in the soapy water and drown.
    Good luck!

  2. ~Seamast

    You want to use Diatomaceous Earth. It is basically very finely ground fossils that are razor sharp to fleas and other ground dwelling bugs, but feels like fine sand to you and me. The razor edges will cut the fleas and cause them to die of de-hydration in 24 hours. Completely non-toxic.
    Just spread it around your house and in the carpets and furniture and vacuum the next day. Since the fleas may have already laid eggs that will be hatching soon. Repeat this process every few days or once a week until the fleas are completely gone.
    You can also use this product right on your pets fur.

  3. Shortstu

    You need a chemical to get rid of fleas & the eggs, Call Terminix or Orkin & they will spray inside & out. It’s not expensive & it is well worth it. The spray is not overbearing for humans or pets.

  4. Cha-Cha

    While you are vacuuming fleas are jumping out the way. Vacuum is for the egg stage of fleas. To deal with the adults maybe try a very good carpet steamer. I bombed vacuumed everyday for 2 weeks, and sprayed with Raid for Fleas after vacuuming, because vacuuming stirs them up. I am almost thru my 2 weeks. Its a lot of work but it’s working. You see you have to kill the adults (there laying eggs) I don’t see vacuuming alone solving your problem.
    MOST IMPORTANT: when you vacuum you MUST tie the bag up and take it to the garbage otherwise the fleas will just crawl back out. If you don’t get rid of the bag, your just wasting your time.

  5. cheek_of

    The flea is a parasite that carries all sorts of illnesses and viral crap.
    You need to kill them or you house will be minging and you will end up with bites and other social problems.
    Having a (now EX) partner that decided to try the “Humane” way of dealing with cat fleas, she eventually went chemical and nuked them so solve the problem because of the life cycle of the flea……
    It doesn;t matter what humane method you use, it won’t get rid of them and you will have a persistant problem, your cat is the main issue and really should be kept outside and de-flea’d until you have the situation under control.

  6. JAMES R

    try the flea spray around the skirting boards then hoover, or flea powder, and then hoover,. or there are such things as flea bombs, u leave it in the room, then it explodes, and kills fleas in the carpet and leaves a nice fragrant smell

  7. Whipass Chick

    you should treat the cats with a flea solution!
    even though this is a chemical solution, it’ll be better for the cats than having to put up with the constant itchiness of fleas!
    If you had head lice, would you let them go untreated?

  8. Scruffy Scirocco

    When you say you brush the cats every day, are you using a flea brush?
    I used to brush our cat with a flea brush, and drop the fleas in a glass of water with a few drops of dish soap in it. The dish soap ruins the surface tension of the water, and makes the fleas sink right away, killing them.
    No matter how much I brushed him, he would get more fleas when he went outside. You have to break the lifecycle of the flea. Frontline applied once a month fixed the problem.
    Get some frontline, use ot on your cats, then a couple of days later flea-fog your house. Sorry, but if you’ve got an infestation, you’re going to have to use chemicals at least once. These beasties have eveolved with us and can defeat any other measure.

  9. arethusa

    Get a flea to sit on your thumb nail, squeeze it with the other thumb nail until it pops, now all that is left is for you to decide how sadistic you are by how slowly or how fast you do the squeeze. Most satisfying…………..

  10. thunderb

    There’s a gel you can rub on there backs one time and it soaks into they’re skin. One time apply. And its safe with anything bigger than rabbits*including cats* just give them some catnip and in an hour or 2 there will be no lickin’ problems =) Also you can buy a 99¢ flea comb, it works fantastic and they love it. You just have to put them on your lap and start combing, when you catch a flea throw it in the soap/water mixture


    fleas are attracted to heat! i started to make one of these but the chemicals in the spray worked real fast! put fly paper under something with a low heat source! the fleas come to the heat and stay to the paper!

  12. EdgeWitc

    I know there are plants and berries they used to use as flea powders, perhaps you can get some less toxic forms of repellent in natural form.

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