I am considering purchasing a remote training collar for my dog. Mostly to teach her to come on command, even when she’s distracted. If you have had experience with either of these two particular brands, please leave me some feed back Thanks!


  1. Caninele

    Pet-Safe is the short cut brand – cheap but not very long lasting. Innotek is one of the two top brands (the other which I believe to be superior is Tri-Tronics).

  2. pete_tin

    E-collars have place, even Cesar uses them for certain cases. However, the E-collar is a negative training device, good for training in a life threatening case like car chasing, but I’d be very concerned about trying to use any negative training aid to teach Recall.
    Recall is the biggest single challenge in dog handling. It is the one place I will use food treats, if the dog is responsive to food treats, I will also use play toy incentive. It is imperative to remain very calm and upbeat when Recall training.
    Any negative incentive you use will easily become associated with the Recall, you want the dog to ‘Want’ to come, not to ‘come or else’.
    A long lead combined with an incentive, food/toy, can help with dogs that are not getting it.
    When you get frustrated, stop and try again later, don’t allow any negative association with the Recall command or you will set yourself up for a lifetime of Recall resistance.
    Ideally the training results in you dog being more interested in you than anything else that may be calling for her attention, it takes time, patience and calm assertive energy.

  3. Karen O

    Shocking your dog to “teach” it to come to you is lazy and cruel.
    I can see using these devices in life-threatening situations, such as car chasing, but NOT to teach them basic obedience.
    Patience, training leashes, treats and time will teach your dog basic recall without resorting to violent methods.

  4. SB: Is fed up.

    I have used 2 Innotek products, The ultrasmart micro remote trainer and the no bark collar.
    The no bark collar is a joke.
    But I had better success with the micro remote trainer.

  5. justme

    My mom used the innotek… It worked amazing on her Catahoula. Long range and only really had to use it a couple times. It worked so great! We were apprehensive about using one but it was a great choice for our dog.

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