I’m thinking about adopting a puppy or dog in summer and was wondering where I should train him/her. Petsmart and Petco both having training programs, but I don’t know which to choose! If you have any information you’d like to share, please do. (costs, effective training, better classes, anything) Also, feel free to tell me which of the two stores you prefer and why. Thanks!


  1. animal_a

    I’m not a fan of either of them. Both have moved to “training” their store clerks how to teach training classes (rather than hiring experienced trainers)… which may be workable if all the dogs (and their humans) are capable of learning in their specific method… but makes no real allowances for the oddball dog (or human owner). Problem solving skills are minimal.
    Local kennel clubs and training facilities are a far better choice for the money. (Personally, I’d chose a training facilitie since they would not still be in operation if they had not been successfully training dogs).

  2. kimberly

    it depends on how much you are willing to spend on the training first. because Petsmart and Petco could have differnent prices on training. so you should look into both places and ask first before buying a puppy or dog

  3. gallopin

    I usually go to local kennel clubs. They are run by reputable trainers, whose methods I agree with.
    If you don’t have one, check out both stores trainers and question them about their methods. You can also try doing a week or so with each, and choosing which works better for your dog.

  4. K9Resqer

    Ideally, you should avoid the trainer in a box scenario and find a training club/center in your area. You’ll get much better results. It’s not unlike going to see the local Minute Clinic vs. seeing your regular physician.
    In addition, if you find a training center in your area they will offer more classes like agility, flyball, obedience for competition, etc.

  5. csonic

    If I had to go this route I’d probably go to my local PetSmart as the training seems to be done out in the open with half walls (solid bottom and glass tops – creats a more “open” atmosphere). Plus I know they guarantee that if your dog doesn’t succeed you can take the class over again at no charge (so they are confident in their training methods).
    I say this b/f the person who trains at my local PetSmart seems to always be there when I go in. Plus I know that part of the PetSmart program is to train the dog within the store – which is think is a big plus. Reason why is that while any dog can behave WELL in a structured environment, it’s when they got outside of that environment you still want them to behave (ie: coming to you when you call in the house is good, but coming to you when you are outside and people and cars are around is 100x better).
    Good luck!
    But I would simply ask if you can sit in on one class,at no cost to you, at each location to see what their teaching methods are like. If they are reputable places then they know that they can easily sell their services by letting you do this and the class will sell themselves.

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