why do you train dogs
what it like working with dogs
would you recommend your job to someone interested in dogs?
how many trainers on here get paid enough to train dogs full time without doing another job?
N this is for qualified dog trainers not people who just train their own dogs


  1. Greek God AKA Greekman

    I have been training working dogs for almost 30 years..29 and change to be exact. I am old enough to know better!!!!
    I train dogs because I love taking an animal that has great potential and turning it into something that will serve humankind.
    I also love the action of bite work and I love competing.
    Working with dogs can be very rewarding, if you have the right dogs to start out with. I could not train civilian dogs for example because I do not have the temperament to deal with marginal dogs on a regular basis.
    My job can be fun if you are dedicated, competitive and always want to produce something better then the last dog you trained.
    I do not know any dog trainers here in the USA that are STRICTLY training dogs and making enough to live on.
    Everyone I know that trains also breeds or sells or imports dogs or does something that is dog related..working a detection dog or a patrol dog somewhere.
    Hope I helped!

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