Im sending my dog to this prison dog training and have herd great things and was wondering if any one has sent there dog to it and have had great results.
Also dont care if you approve or disapprove the prisoners had to go through a lot to do the training and are constantly watched and dont hit our yell at the dogs either.


  1. cav mom

    i have seen some things on Animal Planet about this prison training. i can’t speak from experience but i think it is a great program for the dogs and the prisoners training them. there is also a program in Wash. state at a women’s prison that does the same thing training assistent dogs for disabled persons and there is also a youth training program for youths that have been in trouble. the programs have taken the handlers either adult or youth and helped them turn their lives around.
    these programs save a lot of dogs that would other wise be put down and the dogs go to good adoptive homes.

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